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188Bet eSports Options

With most online casinos and sportsbooks, players look to play casino games or bet on traditional sports to make money. At 188Bet you have a new and exciting alternative. Traditional sports including football, basketball, baseball, etc are the main draws at online sportsbooks but now they have competition. New generations are into new sports and those include eSports. Learn how you can bet on eSports and what’s available to bet on at 188Bet.

You can play casino games and win big if you play them right or get lucky. You can bet on sports and if you know the odds and the teams strengths you can make money. Now there’s an alternative to making money with those. Now you can make money betting on eSports. If you know the teams and individuals well, eSports can be a big money maker. Not a lot of people in the general population have expert knowledge to beat the odds, so if you do, you can beat them and win. More and more people are interested in betting on eSports because it’s new and exciting. Know eSports and you’ll beat these casual bettors by knowing who to bet on and what odds to bet with.


ESports is competitive gaming. It is organized multiplayer video game competitions and tournaments. The top players become professionals. It’s a new phenomenon that is growing rapidly. It’s growing rapidly among gamers and now among gamblers. It’s so popular now around the world and so competitive that sportsbooks are now able to put odds on matches and tournaments.

At 188Bet, you can find up to date information on the latest eSports Tournaments and other information you need to bet on eSports and do it wisely. There you can bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, Dota 2, Hearthstone and League of Legends. You can bet on outright markets and individual markets. For tournaments you can bet on Fnatic, Area 51 and Nanyang. Betting options also include money lines and other odds in decimals. What you can bet on and how you can bet are always growing so check 188Bet often for updates.

With the growth of eSports among gamers, now there are options, especially at 188Bet for gamblers. Instead of just trying your luck and winning big at casino games and traditional sports, you can also make money betting on eSports. If you know about it well, you can beat the odds by beating the casual bettors and win big.