There are arguments that are ongoing as to the origins of the game of baccarat. While many historians believe that the game originated in Italy, the French also lay claim to the birth of this wildly popular game.

What the Italians Claim

An Italian story that has been passed down through the generation lays claim to the birth of baccarat with a version that featured Tarot cards and dice. This game was religious in nature and featured the nine Etruscan gods, represented by Tarot cards euromillions lottery game, and a blond virgin represented by the dice. A roll of eight or nine meant the virgin would live as a priestess, a six or seven meant she would live as an outcast, and a roll of less than six meant the virgin would be exiled to the sea.

The French Story

Like the Italians, the people of France also believe that the game of baccarat was born within their borders. There is physical recorded evidence that a variation of baccarat that very closely resembles the version that is played in casinos today has been around in France since the 1500s. Though it has been repeatedly banned and later legalized, it developed into the variation of baccarat known as Chemin de Fer that is still played in casinos around the world.

Baccarat in America

Baccarat was only introduced to the American public sometime during the 20th century. The game was introduced by Cuban gambling pioneer Tommy Renzomi who brought it to Las Vegas after Havana’s casinos were closed for legal reasons. During that time, it was been presented to the public as a game for the wealthy; it is now played by people all over the world free bingo no deposit options, regardless of their social statuses, almost as often as slots games.

The history of baccarat is one that is riddled with uncertainty and resentment. The French and Italian people both lay claim to the game these days, but the real birthplace of baccarat still remains a mystery. But you can always play baccarat for greater payouts.