Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross (7DS) Tier List (2021)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is one of the best RPG ever where you get to experience the environment of the popular anime, Seven Deadly Sins. If you place two characters with similar stats next to each other, they combine into one single character with a better statistic. 

Today, we will be sharing the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tier list with you, where the players are ranked according to their strengths and weaknesses. This list not only helps you to choose the best player but also helps you to knock out the demon real quick.

7DS Tier List

So without waiting further, let’s have a look at the tier list. 

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What is the 7DS Tier List?

As aforementioned, the 7DS tier list is all about each tier’s most powerful and weakest characters. The list lets you compare the players and choose wisely during the game. 

The strongest player lasts longer but is also the main focus of the AI-trained enemies, which is why you have to formulate your team very well. With that being said, let’s roll on to our Tier lists, starting with the most powerful Tier in 7DS.

7DS Grand Cross: Tier 0 Characters

The first list, i.e., Tier 0, consists of the game’s most powerful and trained characters. The characters of Tier 0 can perform a powerful attack or have the tendency to deal with strong attacks of the enemies

A player is required to perform absolutely well in all aspects in order to reach Tier 0. The best part of choosing a player from this Tier is their ability to knock down the opponent in a single move, and the second good thing about these characters is that the word losing is not in their dictionary.

  • Invincible Avatar Escanor 
  • Purgatory Ban 
  • Holy Warrior Elizabeth 
  • The Four Archangels Sariel
  • The Four Archangels Tramiel
  • The Goat Sin Of Lust Gowther
  • Halloween Gowther 
  • Pacifier Fiend Chandler
  • Lostvayne Meliodas 
  • Elite Demon Zeldris 
  • Divine Protection Merlin

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7DS Grand Cross: Tier 1 Characters

Moving forward to the next Tier, i.e., Tier 1, which is also powerful but a little less as compared to the characters in Tier 0. The characters in tier 1 are fortunate enough to knock down their opponents, but that requires a couple of hits. 

Secondly, you’ll need to spend a little more time with them playing so that they make a place in the Tier 0 list. However, to keep your team vast and undefeated, it would be the right choice to have some of the characters from Tier 1 in your team. 

  • Chosen King Arthur
  • Ten Commandments Derieri 
  • Sweet Temptation Deriery 
  • Sunny Vacation Eastin 
  • Stranger Things Eleven 
  • Re: Zero Emilia 
  • Holy Knight Escanor 
  • The Lion Sin of Pride Escanor 
  • Ashen Desire Hendrickson 
  • Stranger Things Jim 
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King 
  • Signs of Maturity King 
  • KOF ’98 Kyo 
  • Advent of Destruction Lilia
  • Mastermind Lilia 
  • The Four Archangels Ludociel
  • Knight of Wrath Meliodas
  • Assault Mode Meliodas
  • The Boar Sin of Gluttony Merlin 
  • Collector Merlin
  • KOF ’98 Rugal 
  • Re: Zero Ram
  • Halloween Roxy
  • Executioner Zeldris 
  • Destined Heir Arthur 

7DS Grand Cross: Tier 2 Characters

The next Tier list is Tier 2 which consists of characters that are a little higher than average. As compared to the first two tiers in 7DS, they are not as powerful as you expect them to be. 

These characters require efforts to knock down the opponents, but if you work hard on increasing their efficiency, you may see good results in the future.  With this being said, let’s see which characters are in this tier list. 

  • Light of Hope Arthur
  • KOF ’98 Athena 
  • Elite Demon Derieri
  • The Serpent Sin of Diane
  • Creation Diane 
  • Elite Demon Drole 
  • The Ten Commandments Drole 
  • Ruler of Stormy Seas Eastin
  • Oceanic Harmonizer Eastin
  • Cadet Corps Eren Jaeger 
  • Elite Demon Estarossa 
  • Ten Commandments Fraudrin 
  • Chivalrous Gilthunder 
  • Elite Demon Gloxinia 
  • Champion Griamore
  • Reincarnation of Revenge Helbram
  • Tempest Howzer
  • Harlequin King 
  • KOF ’98 Mai 
  • Elite Demon Melascula
  • Greatest Soldier Mikasa Ackerman
  • Elite Demon Monspeet 
  • Dungeon Raider Shin
  • Earthshaker Valenti 
  • The Ten Commandments Zeldris
  • Advent of Destruction Mono
  • Stranger Things Will 
  • King of Prophecies Arthur 

7DS Grand Cross: Tier 3 Characters

The 7DS tier list 3 consists of average characters that are not strong in attack or defense. Although this does not mean they are completely useless, you just have to spend more time boosting their Tier and skills. 

If you want to get your favorite character from Tier list 3 to Tier 0, you need to play with it and focus on upgrading it. Moreover, additional skills and equipment can help them last longer in a match by dealing more damage coming from the enemies. 

Lastly, these characters may perform better against AI players than players controlled by Humans, and if you take it as an opportunity, you can help Tier 3 character boost their skills and ranking.

  • Outlaw Ban 
  • Ale Collector Ban 
  • Re: Zero Beatrice 
  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deathperce 
  • Halloween Elaine
  • Sweet Temptation Elaine 
  • Liones Elizabeth 
  • A New Adventure Elizabeth 
  • New Legend Elizabeth 
  • Reverse Elizabeth
  • Mascot Elizabeth 
  • Mobile Tavern Elizabeth 
  • Titan Form Eren Jaeger
  • Ten Commandments Galland 
  • Elite Demon Galland 
  • Rapier Guila
  • Knight of Ice Gustaf 
  • Forest Guardian Helbram 
  • Sweet Temptation Jenna 
  • Godspeed Knight Jericho 
  • New Legend Jericho 
  • Knight of Frost Jericho 
  • Forest Guardian King 
  • Greatest Soldier Levi 
  • Bringer of Disaster Lillia
  • Memory Fragment Liz 
  • Ten Commandments Melascula 
  • The Dragon Sin Of Wrath Meliodas 
  • New Legend Meliodas 
  • Deathbringer Mono
  • Swift Sword Nanashi 
  • Knighthood of Scraps Disposals Oslo & Hawk
  • Mad Destroyer Roxy 
  • Halloween Shin 
  • Overpower Slater 
  • Sweet Temptation Zaneri 
  • Reincarnation of Conviction Zaratras 
  • Stranger Things Mike 
  • Sunny Vacation Valenti
  • Beard of the Mountain Cat Alioni 

7DS Grand Cross: Tier 4 Characters

Moving forward to the 4th Tier of 7DS Tier lists, in this tier, we have players that are recognized as below average because of their weak attacks and defense against the enemies. 

The tier 4 characters are placed behind all the other tier characters therefore, it is necessary to work harder on these characters in order to push their rankings. 

You need to put a lot of effort in order to push your rankings and skills. 

  • The Fox Sin of Green Ban 
  • Nunchaku Ban 
  • The Six Knight Of Black Bellion
  • Burning Ember Cain 
  • Executer of Darkness Camila 
  • The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Denzel 
  • Heart of the Land Diane 
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Diane 
  • Matrona Diane 
  • Kungfu Master Diane  
  • Eternal Promise Diane  
  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Dogedo  
  • Omen of Chaos Dreyfus  
  • Break Dreyfus 
  • Boar Hat of Tavern Elizabeth  
  • Wings of the Sky Elatte  
  • Ten Commandments Estarossa  
  • Elite Demon Fraudrin 
  • Memories of Years Gerharde  
  • Thunderbolt Gilthunder 
  • Star of Kingdom Gilthunder 
  • Ten Commandments Gloxinia 
  • Weird Fangs Golgius  
  • Lioness Hero Gowther  
  • Wanted Man Gowther  
  • Explosion Guila  
  • Halloween Gulia  
  • Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Hawk  
  • Royalty Helbram  
  • Omen of Chaos Hendrickson  
  • Adventurer Jericho  
  • New Generation Jericho  
  • Roars of Dawn Jillian 
  • Disaster King  
  • Boom Boom Pow Marmas  
  • Fang of the Land Matrona 
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas  
  • Boar Hat Tavern Meliodas  
  • Halloween Meliodas 
  • Infinity Merlin 
  • Tyrant of Destruction Milim  
  • Ten Commandments Monspeet  
  • Rule of Monsters Rimuru 
  • Slime Rimuru 
  • Weird Fangs Ruin  
  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Arden  

7DS Grand Cross: Tier 5 Characters 

Here we come to the 7DS Grand cross Tier 5 list which comprises of weakest characters in the game. They do not have effective power and skills and require a lot of time to get placed in higher tiers. 

  • The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deldry 
  • Snatch Ban 
  • Roars of Dawn Hugo 
  • Roars of Dawn Simon 
  • Vaizel Fight Festival Taizoo 
  • Adventurer Griamore 
  • Melt Hendrickson
  • Star of the Kingdom Howzer 
  • Lioness Royalty Howzer
  • Weird Fangs Jude 
  • Weird Fangs Friesia 
  • Undead Ban
  • Kijin Benimaru 
  • Protector of Dolls King
  • The Seven Deadly Sins King 
  • Fairy King’s Forest Elaine 
  • Iron-Wall Knight Griamore


7DS Grand cross is an addictive and interesting role-playing game. It consists of several characters that are ranked according to their abilities, strength, and overall performance. 

Their skills, defense, and other aspects decide which tier they belong to and how much work is needed to do on them in order to push their rankings and move them to Tier 0 or 1. 

In this article, we have listed down all the 7DS Tier lists which will help you to determine the characters you should be choosing while playing the game. 


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