AFK Arena Tier List (2021)

AFK is a mobile-based game, exclusively available on iOS and Android, pitting you against the most vital players worldwide. To fulfill your goal of emerging victorious, you need to plan your moves carefully. And with moves, you also need to consider the characters you play with.

All the heroes have unique capabilities that set them apart, and each hero belongs to a specific rank. So with an array of 70 different heroes, which one would aid you the best? This is where we come in! We have divided the various heroes into different categories according to their stats and capabilities. 

AFK Arena Tier List

You can pick out the best heroes of the APK arena and create a pool that would guarantee you a win!

What is the AFK Arena Tier List?

In addition to their rankings within the game, we have divided our heroes based on their power and performance in the game modes – PvP, PvE, Quests, and Arcane Labyrinth. This list would help you in maximizing your team’s potential!

We divided the following criteria:

Tier S:

Tier S heroes are the strongest division of heroes in the entire AFK gaming platforms. They are the ones who bear the strongest power-ups within a limited frame of time. Their utilities and abilities are well-rounded in all the departments, and their Ultimates are especially incredible. 

Tier A:

Tier A also has strong players with powerful capabilities. They, too, feature at the top of the class, but they have slightly less HP than tier S. Though this does not imply that they cannot stand against them. They can take more damage. 

Tier B:

Heroes from tier B are best known for their offensive and defensive stances. They have high tolerance and resistance but their HP and damage output rank below the initial two tiers.

Tier C:

Tier C heroes are also useful in their own accord, with limited amounts of HP and damage output. They are effective for some time, but after a while, they lose their effectiveness. But since they won’t be able to contribute much, they are best suited if they have some specific use. 

Tier D:

Tier D offers heroes who are not that good or on par with other tiers. They have the lowest HP and damage output. However, they have remarkable healing or resurrection abilities that can prove helpful in different situations. These abilities are exclusive to just tier D, which gives them an advantage. 

AFK Arena Mages Tier List 

Heroes that have received the blessings of Dura’s sorcery are classified and categorized as Mages in AFK Arena. They specialize in magic and can endure severe damages, and their spells can be pretty vicious to cause trouble by hindering the opponent’s paths. They are known to attack from a distance rather than a short confrontation. 

They come equipped with a power called the Ultimates, which allows them to produce a large amount of magical output. Their defensive stats, however, are less than the other categories of heroes. So, despite having magical abilities, they tend to be killed by divers or assassins pretty easily. 

Tier Heroes

  • SAinz Ooal Gown, Khazard, Mehira, Merlin, Zaphrael, Eluard
  • AFlora, Lorsan, Morael, Pippa, Safiya, Skriath
  • BBelinda, Isabella, Oden, Shemira
  • C  –Satrana, Solise
  • DRaku

AFK Arena Rangers Tier List 

Just how their name suggests, Rangers are the fighters who attack from a long distance. Their range is almost as long as Mages, but they are much faster while nimble on their feet. They have been blessed with Dura’s celerity and caused significant damages over a short period.

They can quietly but fastly sneak up to their enemies, which makes them perfect as assassins. The physical damage they inflict is extremely crucial during battles, especially when dealing with many enemies. Thanks to these facts, they are also deemed as specialist damage dealers.

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Athalia, Eironn, Ferael, Lucretia, Lyca, Ezio
  • A –  Gwyneth, Joker, Kren, Nakoruru, Prince of Persia
  • B –  Cecilia, Drez, Fawkes, Kelthur, Respen, Theowyn, Tidus, Vurk
  • C –  Kaz
  • D –  Oscar, Thane

AFK Arena Support Tier List 

They are the group of heroes who have received the Dura’s sustenance blessing. And despite not having impressive defensive stats or damage power, Supports are the real backbone of the team. They give the warriors and other heroes buff in their stats like health and strength. 

They also help increase the utility of their signature and ensure that the execution gets carried out correctly. The boost-up means that the fighters are in their peak condition, which means the entire team stays alive for more time. And while being alive, they can carry out more damage, and hence your total damage stat increases dramatically.

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Elijah and Lailah, Ezizh, Leofric, Rowan, Silas, Talene, Tasi
  • A –  Desira, Mortas, Nemora, Rosaline
  • B –  Numisu, Peggy
  • C –  Raine
  • D –  Arden

AFK Arena Tanks Tier List 

In a team full of heroes capable of just causing damage, Tanks are the ones there to soak the majority of injuries from the enemies. Blessed by Dura’s fortitude, Tanks come in during the direst situations to endure all the damage while the rest of the team keeps fighting. 

A team without Tanks would eventually fall, as despite being strong, they would have taken the worst hits from enemies. But the bulky and strong Tanks stand at the frontlines of any battle to shield their teammates from lasting damages. Their body frame also aids them in enduring the bad hits. 

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Daimon, Thoran, Titus, Albedo
  • A –  Arthur, Grezhul, Mezoth, Orthros, Skreg
  • B – Brutus, Hendrik
  • C –  Anoki, Gorvo, Lucius, Torne
  • D –  Ulmus

AFK Arena Warriors Tier List 

Warriors are the most vital part of any battle. They are the ones who have received the blessing of Dura’s might and can do so much more than just punching the enemies. They can endure a significant amount of damage from the opponents while also bearing some decent offensive abilities. 

While Tanks guard the frontlines, the Warriors are the ones protecting the back. They pack potent punches and can inflict more damage than any other hero. It is the fact that they can also soak up the damages that make them reliable. 

Tier Heroes

  • S –  Alna, Saurus, Izold
  • A –  Nara, Queen, Wu Kong
  • B –  Zolrath, Estrilda, Warek
  • C –  Baden, Khasos, Ukyo
  • D –  Antandra, Rigby, Seirus

Frequently Asked Question

1. Who is the strongest hero in the AFK arena?

By a consensus of all the AFK Arena gamers, the one character that comes out as the strongest is – Brutus. And he has rightfully earned his title. His big buff frame is perfect for capturing and enduring all the damages. His bulk also adds to his strength and makes fighting against enemies much more accessible. 

His skill sets are excellent. His signature spell moves – Brutal Defiance and Last Gasp – are the most robust combination in the entire game. They can decapitate enemies within seconds and help him to soak double the damage than any other hero. And due to these reasons, he can survive a whole while longer.

His performance remains excellent through all the levels, and it takes just 240 for him to reach the maximum cap. The only downside is that he is extremely rare and hard to come by. Thankfully you can get his extra copies by participating in events.  

2. Who are the best Support characters in the AFK arena?

For the two best support characters, we have – Tasi and Nemora. 

Nemora is one of the most formidable support characters of the AFK arena. She is best known for her play in the Twin Peaks and the Labyrinth modes, but in regular battles, too, she doesn’t lose her enthusiasm. But it is her insane ability of Beguile that genuinely helps us see her exceptional skills. 

Peaking at level 4, this ability allows her to charm the enemies using their Ultimates against their teammates. This ability of hers gets more vital as the level of strength of her enemies increases. And the fact that she can be borough directly from the store means that you can ascend her endlessly.

Then we have Tasi. Tasi is better known for her defensive skills. She can apprehend her enemies within just 4 seconds and teleport around the battlefield where she can attack the enemies or help her teammates out. Her Ultimate puts her enemies to sleep, and by the time they wake up, the damage gets already done. 

3. Who are the best heroes in AFK Arena?

The best overall heroes in the AFK arena are:

  • Elijah & Lailah
  • Rowan
  • Talene
  • Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Daimon
  • Eironn
  • Ezizh
  • Tasi

4. Is Thane good in the AFK arena?

Thane works under the Lightbearer section as a damage dealer. His ultimate is decent enough and would inflict damages to random enemies. He starts with very little HP and power in the game, and it takes over 141 levels to achieve better skills. 

As a character, he started ambitiously with a lot of confidence in his skills. But since then, he has acquired survivor’s guilt over Baden and gained self-destructive tendencies. This personality gets reflected in his skills which makes him a bit unreliable. 

5. Is Oscar good in the AFK arena?

Oscar is a lightsaber faction member who is known for his agility. His damage rate is absurd, but his focus spread is too much to land a kill. But he is pretty fast on his feet, and with his teleportation techniques, he can fight against low-tier enemies. His knives can cause a moderate amount of damage to the enemies. 


And this is all the AFK arena’s players ranked! You can quickly determine which heroes are suited to each other and then make a team that will guarantee you complete victory! Tiers are the best tools to optimize your team with the most exceptional heroes ever. 

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