20 Best Grim Dawn Mods (All Free) – Wildfirega

20 Best Grim Dawn Mods (All Free) – Wildfirega

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Grim Dawn may look like just another Diablo clone in a sea of repetitive mediocrity for those who have not followed this game’s creation. But it’s one of those beautiful Kickstarter success storeys for those in the know that renews faith in gaming, and in mankind.

Released back in 2013 as an Early Access title, then in 2016 as a complete release, Grim Dawn takes the classic Diablo-like ARPG formula and injects it with new mythology with its own Victorian-era theme.

To realise their vision of the perfect ARPG, Developer Crate Entertainment took pointers from both fans and the great ones in the genre, such as Path of Exile and Titan Quest.

Whether or not they have succeeded is up for discussion. But the game definitely has its own beauty, and inside its dark world, there’s a lot of fun to be had … particularly if you’re pumping it full of mods.

Have a look at my picks for the coolest mods below for those looking to freshen up the Gloomy Dawn atmosphere before you delve back into Cairn.

20. Greater Cursors

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You’ll find hundreds of ways to make it smaller and less “obstructive” while scouring the Internet for immersion mods for games.

The HUD, positions on your map, markers for quests, and your mouse, of course.

The reverse is achieved by this QoL-enhancing mod by Maker Dreadmoth.

In Grim Morning, it brings the cursors from a diminutive scale of 32-32 to a glorious 64-64, essentially doubling their size.

In long play sessions, not only does this prevent you from straining your eyes, but it’s also a bit of a must when playing at the highest resolutions possible.

19. Quicker Loot

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While many individuals love grindy games because they want to put in the effort, some just don’t have the time.

I mean, I love to see those levels grow. But I can’t waste four hours trying every couple of levels to get some decent equipment.

With Faster Loot by Mugwumpshasnoliver, the game is made more friendly by increasing the drop rate for Epic and Legendary equipment for time-strained gamers.

Being four times as likely to get Legendaries practically ensures that each time you sit down to play, you will get a few. So, even if you don’t have too much free time, you’ll get to see more of the game.

18. Prompts for PlayStation Button

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When a PC game has professional gamepad support, it’s still time to rejoice.

On consoles, it seems easy enough to do, but why not go the extra mile and actually give people what they want?

Oh, so did Crate Entertainment! It took them a while, but with a gamepad with almost no hiccups, the game is now completely playable. Except that DualShock, Xbox, or generic controllers do not really distinguish, displaying the same on-screen prompts for all gamepads.

This mod by NexusMods user Dreadmoth, as you probably found out, removes all DualShock-friendly prompts that retain the same artistic style as the vanilla icons.

17. Better Niveaus

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Another great choice for gamers who would like to play Grim Dawn for a smoother and quicker experience.

KalAeon’s mod Better Levels only makes progression easier.

You’ll get more than twice the monster killing experience that you’ll need if you want to hit the latest level limit of 250.

Not only that, but you’ll get three attribute points for each level to allocate among your stats, giving you even more power over the construction of your character.

It also raises the dedication limit to 200. The provision of the plus standard for equipment was eliminated and the overall experience was simplified.

Good for emerging players, as well as veterans.

16. Not So Dark, Not So Grim

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Now this next post was also made with the Bleak Dawn experience in mind to be simplified. It has a wider reach than Better Levels, however, enough to give it a higher position on the list.

Not So Grim, created by modder Stedman420, adds a bunch of QoL-improving features that make the game a little easier as well.

Items are automatically picked up now, and you’ll get access to larger stashes to store them. Vendors now also have more comprehensive item selections, to the point that it is possible to buy anything in the game anywhere.

Hell, now you can even increase your levels or purchase new challenges from suppliers. Nifty! Nifty!

15. Speedrun Grim Dawn

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If you want to speed things up a little bit instead of such a major adjustment to the levelling structure of the game, consider Grim Dawn Speedrun by Nonmisai.

This major set of tweaks will increase your running speed considerably. And the speed of your pets is doubled, so they can keep up with you on a murderous rampage.

It also raises the cap of Devotion to 166 to make it worth chasing every shrine down.

And did I mention that from killing enemies, you’ll get ten times as many faction points? This makes it much less time-consuming to negotiate with factions.

14. Groups Diablo 3

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This mod goes well beyond the addition of Necromancer or Demon Hunter as Masteries to Grim Dawn, despite its name explicitly specifying ‘Classes’.

This huge mod, developed by Grimerino, carries hundreds of awesome Diablo III equipment sets, such as the Aegis of Valor and Trag’Oul’s Avatar … all-in-all, totaling over 300 new pieces.

There are also new Diablo franchise bosses here, plus new cosmetics and two-handed Crusader Mastery weapons.

13. Grim search

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Of course, if there was a mod that brought to Grim Dawn all the Diablo classes, there had to be one that had done the same with Titan Quest: Eternal Throne.

Maker Syl101 was not content with only porting the mastery, but made sure that both visual and audio effects were correctly replicated.

Even the menu icons are the same as what you will find in the original Titan Quest!

This just feels right given that Grim Dawn is based on PathEngine and heavily inspired by Titan Quest.

12. To Grimarillion


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This is not a Tolkien-inspired mod by any way, despite the name of this mod implying otherwise.

It’s basically a series of other mods, compiled by user Syl101, to make the game a stable but massive expansion.

This involves new stuff to discover, which should keep you inspired to find all the new enemies that it brings to the game.

Another influential characteristic? Hand-picked from other mods such as Grim Quest and Diablo 3 Classes, all the new masteries.

If you’re looking for a easy installation that will make your game breathe a lot of new life, this is it.

11. Smash-N-Grab yourself

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In terms of levelling and equipment-hunting, we’ve already covered a few mods that make the Bleak Dawn experience a lot less grim.

But none is as widely-recognised as Moordhuis’ Smash-N-Grab.

By changing each avenue of advancement other than the actual campaign, it eliminates the grind from Grim Dawn almost completely.

Epic and Iconic equipment is a dime a dozen, and you’ll get all five bag slots early on. You’ll level quicker. You don’t have to go back to town like this too much.

This is a must if you want to turn your game into a thinly-veiled power fantasy.

10. Apocalypsis

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I love mods that aim to redesign gaming experiences entirely.

Apocalypse, created by creator 3ijou, is one of the best on Grim Dawn’s roster. This introduces five completely new masteries, along with tweaks for a better experience of the game’s levelling and skill structures.

It also adds new looting and crafting facilities, so there’s a lot to dig into here.

The Apocalypse is still a bit of a progressive work. And, from time to time, more content will be added.

Try out Cataclysm if you’re looking for something just like this but more complete. It happens to be the previous version of this mod, also created by 3ijou.

9. Reborn the Bleak Dawn

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Most Grim Dawn revision mods are aimed at porting content from other similar games, but Grim Dawn Reborn is based on making the base game the best it can be.

For each of the available classes to be played, creator Ddem1 came up with new ways. For each mastery, mainly by extending building possibilities, making skills look cooler, and adding some new ones.

Itemization is also influenced by the redesign, and, most specifically, monsters.

With it, there’s a chance that any time you down an opponent, a powered-up “Remnant” version of them will spawn.

Defeat it and you can get an item that allows the beasts to be kept as pets. Seriously, it’s a lot of fun.

8. Grim Dawn’s Route

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Grim Dawn is very slow-paced, in comparison to many other games in the genre (such as Diablo III).

To make the game a more intense experience, this mod by Kanjineo tweaks a few items, such as player speed limit, cooldown times, and mob density. Similar to Exile ‘s Route.

Some PoE skills that go well with the modified pacing are also included.

Only a bonus is the latest cosmetic auras.

7. Item Wizard

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One of those mods that can only be a base feature of the vanilla game is Item Assistant by Slippery Pete.

I say, it gives you infinite space for storage. And from a “difficulty” viewpoint you might argue against. But it also allows you to sort objects based on type of injury, defensive stats, or whatever else you want.

Why didn’t Grim Dawn vanilla just feature that from the outset? This is fundamental stuff, people!

6. A Dawn of Masteries

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Sure, Cataclysm, Diablo 3 Classes, or Grim Quest could be built to get more mastery … but what if you could get all of them in one mod?

Gdstash’s Dawn of Masteries is more of a compilation than an initial mod.

It features the finest masteries, along with some minor cosmetic additions, from the most common and well-made mods in the Grim Dawn modding scene. Then all of this works for you on a silver platter.

Simply mad is the variety you’ll find in this mod.

If you feel constrained by the base mastery of the game, this will change your mind.

5. Mod of Grim Truce

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So you built new masters, got the best tools, and went on endless Grim Dawn adventures. What else is left to do there?

Well, making it into, of course, Evil Souls.

As if we didn’t have enough soul-like games coming out every month, creator Holcomb’s mod fully alters the battle and skill system to act just like Dark Souls.

Of course, from an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, the camera will now follow your character, which is cool.

You can also face rogue-like punishments, such as losing all the points of your experience upon death. Which a tonne can occur.

4. ReShade Aetherial

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I know the game’s called Grim Dawn, but at all times, does it really have to look so dark and murky?

The same problem was posed by Creator ThreshProductions. So they created this wonderful ReShade preset that, with appealing visual FX and a vibrant palette, saturates colours, sharpens textures, and enhances the overall look of the game.

If there’s only one mod that everyone can try, it’s this one. Gameplay is also unimpaired.

3. The Grim Legion

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Grim Legion, one of the first and most successful mods for Grim Dawn, shines with its simple mission statement: to make the game more difficult without altering its essence.

That said, by the mob density, it does make the game a little more fast-paced and action-packed. In addition to tweaking the spawning of bosses and adding several more superbosses.

As a increasing number of stronger enemies begin to turn up, you will note these changes. And they’re not behaving as cannon fodder.

Masteries have also been reworked, the level limit raised, and all Devotion Shrines are involved in every difficulty for a more engaging experience.

Just keep in mind that now all of them are Dishonest Spawners, so come prepared.

2. Global Conversion of Warhammer 40,000

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Before I go to sleep every night, I wonder why there’s no good Warhammer 40,000 ARPG.

I mean, Warhammer 40 K, I guess: Inquisitor — Martyr wasn’t that bad. But couldn’t that have been better?

Well, if you like Grim Dawn, you might as well!

This Emrakul7 mod is a complete conversion effort that brings the Warhammer 40 K universe ‘s bad-ass fighting, vehicles, and weapons to Grim Dawn.

So far, over 150 sets of glorious space-marine armour have been released, with massive pauldrons and almost as many deadly weapons.

In this new mashed-up world, masteries, of course, have also been reworked to make sense.

Without this mod, I won’t ever play again.

1. Nydiamar Nydiamar


Check This Mod Out

Now, if you are anything like me, if there is no more material to try, extra stuff doesn’t mean a whole lot.

But now, thanks to VanHouck, the modder, there is!

This stand-alone campaign mod, introduced as an expansion to the base game, features over seven hours of new gameplay.

You will visit the entirely new Nydiamar area in it, packed to the brim with new lore, quests to pursue, and enemies to slaughter.

It also has a custom made soundtrack of its own!

Increased experience and drop rates also make creating a new character even easier in this expansion, so you can go toe-to – toe easily against the campaign’s most difficult bosses and experience all Nydiamar offers.

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