Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Platform?

The gaming craze has increased, with many developers and publishers introducing various games to keep the hype ongoing. 

Talking about one of such games, Borderlands 2 has risen to fame with its massively engaging interface, excellent graphics, and exciting lore. The game houses many playstyles like shooting, raiding, and leveling your characters up for better gameplay. 

Now, most players may be wondering whether Borderlands 2 allows cross-platform gaming or not. This article will give you all the details regarding this question, so hold your horses and read further!

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Borderlands 2: Summary

GearBox software introduced Borderlands 2 on PC, Xbox, and Playstation in 2012. With its release, the game quickly gained immense popularity for its distinctive gameplay and visual appeals.

Borderlands 2 mingles FPS-style games in RPG games and allowsṣ multiplayer options to players. The game lets players explore the land of Pandora to unlock various weapons and upgrade materials along with different quests to complete.

One of the best features offered by the game which makes it so engaging is the infinite amount of replays you can get from quests. You can experience a specific part of the game again without losing your progress.

With unique quests and different weapon plays, players will never get bored of the game. Also, Borderlands 2 allows a co-op mode of 4 players to enjoy the lore with your friends when you are stuck in a part of the game.

Getting such high reviews and good critics, one may be curious about Borderlands 2 cross-platform gaming so let us know about it ahead.

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Is Borderlands 2 cross-platform in 2021?

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, Borderlands 2 does not support cross-platform gaming. Players cannot find any option regarding cross-play with friends who have a different device making it the only drawback of this popular game.

The only solution to this is to get the same device as your friends if you want to enjoy the game’s multiplayer mode. To date, there has been no update from the developers regarding cross-platform for Borderlands 2, so one can only wait patiently for the availability of this feature.

It is yet to be told whether players can play the game on PC, Xbox, PS, or whichever platforms the game is released on, and few reasons for cross-platform to not occur in Borderlands 2 is listed below:

  • Differences in the game control for different platforms making it difficult for players to maintain synergy with other device players.
  • People who are used to playing on consoles may find it troublesome when playing on their PC, so they prefer queueing with console players only.
  • Cross-platform may cause various issues in-game like lagging, ping spikes, and FPS drops, due to which it is not a feasible option for various games.
  • To reduce the production cost and save time when creating a game with various features exclusive for specific platforms.

Although there has been a good load of discussion about cross-platform on Borderlands 2, players are yet to be introduced to it for the game.

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Does Borderlands 2 support cross-platform between Xbox and PS4?

Unfortunately, No. Borderlands 2 does not support cross-platform gaming for Xbox and PS4/PS5.

It means that PS4/PS5 console players can only play with other PS console gamers, which also applies to Xbox users. PS4 players cannot have a multiplayer mode available for Xbox users, so it is highly improbable for the support to happen. 

One reason behind this incompatibility may be the different operating networks of the consoles provided by their respective manufacturers. The different game controls also make it difficult for cross-platform play to occur.

Is Borderlands 2 cross-play for Xbox and PC?

No. There is no cross-platform support for Borderlands 2 between Xbox and PC. It means that if you are an Xbox player who wants to queue with their PC players, you need to either change your device or convince your friend to get the same console as you. 

Is Borderlands 2 cross-platform for PS4/PS5 and PC?

Sadly, no. There is no cross-platform feature for Borderlands 2 between PS4/PS5 and PC. Players are restricted to queue with other players having the same device as them, which means that PC players can only play the multiplayer mode with other PC players and not PS4/PS5 console users. 

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The cross-platform unavailability may be due to the difference in the game’s features or simply gaming controls varying on every platform. 

Is Borderlands 2 cross-platform for PS4 and PS5?

Yes, PS4 and PS5 players can easily access the multiplayer mode of Borderlands 2 as it allows cross-platform play for the two consoles. It means that PS players do not have to worry about which edition they have as the game allows every PS player to play with each other. 

Does Borderlands 2 allow cross-platform between Xbox One and Xbox X/S series?

Yes. Borderlands 2 is cross-platform for Xbox one and Xbox X/S series. It means that if you have an Xbox One, you can easily play the game with your friends who may have the Xbox X/S series.

Since both the consoles operate on the same network from Microsoft, cross-platforming is allowed for the two versions of Xbox.


With most games allowing the cross-platform features to keep the audience engaged and for a better player-base, Borderlands 2 also needs to try and introduce cross-play and cross-saves for the fellow players.

The lack of this essential feature may be the only drawback this game faces, making it difficult for console players and PC players who need to find a different way to queue together.

The hope remains for the developers to release this good news. We hope this article gave you an insight into the question “Is Borderlands 2 cross-platform?.” Thank you for reading!

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