Brawhlhalla Tier List (2022): The Complete Tier List

It was developed by Blue Mammoth games Brawhlhalla free 2D game launched in the year 2014. One of the best features of this game is that it can be played both offline and online. Unlike most fantasy-driven games that this one involves completely wiping the enemy out. 

The characters in this game are called Legends. His one has his distinct personality and skills. However, some of them may be better than the other ones. This has resulted in the competition growing between the legends too. 

Choosing the best legend for your team can be a quite tough task. Many players on the left are stranded in choosing the Legend with the best skills for their gameplay. To make it easier for you, we have done the job. The article is all about the Brawhlhalla tier list. 

We have separated the legends into the tiers from S to D. The S stands for the best, and the strongest of the Legends and D has the worst. We will provide details about the skills of each legend. Read the following and find the best one for yourself. 

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1. S Tier 

The most powerful legends reside in this group. You cannot question their abilities to take down any enemy in any game mode. Tales of this group is victory definite on your side. Who are all in this tier? Let’s find out.


You must know who Thor is. He is the mighty god of thunder. The Legend is one of the most popular and loved Legends in the game. The Legend is a complete package for strength and defensive skills together. His weapon is a star hammer. You can surely take down any enemy with just one hit. 


The Legend is a fierce female. It is a combination of a bear and a shark. Not only an epitome of strength, but she also has brains. A favourite part of this Legend is that she used her brains to outsmart any animal that came her way. 


If you need a legend that would fit and for close combat arenas, the Legend is for you. It uses attacking techniques instead of defensive ones. His weapons are swords and bows, and arrows. Each weapon is perfect for close-range combat. 


The Legend has one of the highest strengths in the game. Open study uses are an axe and hammer. If you need prayer with attacking skills, just go for him. 


The female Legend is known for her defensive skills. Her weapon is Canon blasts. She even can Crush the enemy. Health no enemy can stand in front of this strong and ductile legend. Even her appearance is strong, just like her skills. 

2. A Tier 

The group is as good as if in comparison but cannot surpass them. The legends in this group are strong. You can question their abilities to take you to towards victory. Have a look at the players in this group:


The Legend uses hammers too. A skilled legend for close combat. The hammer has two purposes in the game. When you can trust your enemy with them, the other is to use it to bring the enemy closer. Hence hr can use Hammer To pull the enemy in close combat in which he is killed. 


The Legend uses weapons Sword and hammers. Give him dual power for the skilful plane, both closed and distant combats. Uses the sword for the closer ones and the hammers for the far ones. Out of the two, he uses the sword the best. 


The amazing Legend can be compared to any character from the s group. She is equally skilled and powerful as them. Dolly power why she likes is speed, and that is why she is in the group. 


He is known for the synergic use of the two weapons. We can use the bow and his axe together as a team. He may sound amazing, but there is a reason that he is in the group. The reason is, just like the other players, his speed. 


Most of the legends in the game have weapons. This one is an exception. Where axe is his one weapon, The Other nothing but his first. Unlike most of the players in his group, Raymond excels in the department of speed. It can be termed as a complete package of strength, flexibility and speed. 

3. B Tier 

The tier is an average one. It forms the dividing bar between the best and the worst layers of the game. The players here are moderate. Don’t expect too much or too little from them. Let us have a look at the players of this group. 


Superb sportsman that has both speed and strength. He was created just as a weapon to be used in the game, but later, he gained consciousness. The one area where he lacks is attacking skills. That is why it is in the B group. 


Diana a trained master. That is too exotic. Hence, she must know how lethal she is despite all her magical power. She still just can be. She takes into use the weapons bow and arrow and the blasters. This speedy Legend only lacks in strength, and that is why she is in the B Tier. 


To add a modern touch to the game, a male robot Legend was given to it. Vector is the same. Though he uses bow and arrow foreclosure combat, his speciality is the weapon rocket lance. Science and culture go hand in hand. 


the Legend is a magician. Her gaming technique is a whole different concept, and what are the legends used. She uses witchcraft and magic. Despite a magical power, she is just a below-average player. 

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4. C Tier 

From here, start the worst players. The players can be counted as the worst or the second-worst. These are not easy to play with how to trust them with winning. Have a look at the players from this group:


The Legend is a thief in origin. The destructive powers of this Legend are so great that even the B tier one cannot stand. However, the Legend is fragilely, and you can not trust him for survival in the game. 


If you are looking for an aggressive player, he can fit in the best. High strength and durability Unbreakable. If taken to the competition, she can break any enemy. Because of the least valuable defensive skills, she has been put in the last categories of legend. 


Finally, Legend uses guns. One of the best parts of this Legend is that she has outstanding speed. However, when it comes to other tactics and skills like strength and attack, she lacks. 

5. D Tier 

The last tier is the worst of all. Do not trust the legends in this group not right to take them if you have an option. They are the least helpful and will be proved to be the weak point of your team in the longer Run. Let’s have a look at them:


The below average and one of the worst legends, she loves animals all the skills required to stand in the game. You can least expect from her the damaging and the attacking skills. Try not to incorporate her into your team. 

Sir Roland

Roland has decent defensive skills. That is the best he has. It must be noted that these two is not at par with the legends of even the C group. Try not to pick them if you want and if you do, treat them as soon as possible. 

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Closing Thoughts

That was our take on the Brawhlhalla tier list. The Legends having clearly and closely observed before mentioning them in the list given above. We hope that you find it useful. Choose the best team for you with the help of the list given above. 

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