Is DayZ Cross-Platform?

With a realistic visual experience and a post-apocalyptic set-up, DayZ makes up to be an excellent choice for players looking for survival-shooter games. 

The question remains whether such a popular game by Bohemia Interactive has the cross-play feature or not. It is no doubt that games housing such a feature are an excellent way to transfer data and play across different platforms with different players. 

In this article, we shall talk about cross-platforming in DayZ; whether it is supported on all the devices supporting the game or not, read ahead and find out all!

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Does Dayz Support Cross-Platform in 2021?

Is Dayz Cross-Platform

Most readers here may be unaware that DayZ, unfortunately, does not support cross-platform gaming between any available devices. 

It clarifies that you cannot play with console players or queue for a survival battle if you are a PC player. 

Now, most of you may be curious about this decision of the developers, and we have compiled few reasons for it listed below:

  • To avoid piracy of the game, which regardless happens in the online community.
  • To run the game smoothly without any technical problems or lags for a better gaming experience.

Even though Bohemia Interactive genuinely means no harm to players but just to improvise in the game’s mechanics, cross-platform makes a game more user-friendly and interactive for players to enjoy to the fullest. 

There are many benefits of cross-play, such as queueing with players using different devices like console and PC, data transfer, and access to the account on a different platform. 

With that said, the only hope we have is an update from the developers themselves over the introduction of this feature to DayZ.

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Dayz Cross-Platform Support for Xbox and PC?

Sadly no, cross-platform gameplay is not supported by DayZ between Xbox and PC. It means that Xbox players cannot play the game’s multiplayer with PC players. 

Some reasons behind this uncooperative information may be due to the software incompatibility between Xbox and PC as well intense security system of the console. 

You can still find yourself playing the game with people who have the same device as you, so there is a positive point. 

Dayz Cross-Platform Support for Xbox and PS4?

There is no option of cross-platform gaming between Xbox and PS4 even though they are similar consoles. 

Chances are this problem occurs due to the different software and support systems used by Microsoft and Sony to enable only a singular communication platform between the console networks.

Thus, Xbox One or Xbox X/S series console players can only play with Xbox users, and the same concept applies to PS4 and PS5 players to play DayZ.

Dayz Cross-Platform Support for Xbox and PS5?

No, DayZ cannot handle Cross-platform gaming between Xbox and PS5. That means Xbox players can only play with other Xbox users and PS5 players with other PS5 users. 

The reason behind this unresolved issue is the difference between the networks handled by the consoles, the controllers used by both consoles, and updates that vary in their timeline. 

Specific criteria like tick-rate variance between both the consoles may also be a significant reason for this issue.

Dayz Cross-Platform Support for PS4 and PC?

DayZ provides no cross-platform support for PS4 and PC. It seemingly becomes a great disadvantage for players who want a versatile crowd to play the game on different platforms. 

Without the cross-play feature, PC players cannot play with PS4 console players. PC gamers can only queue with other PC players to have a multiplayer experience on DayZ.


Cross-platform is a great way to keep players engaged in a game gaining popularity and also increase the player base. 

Unfortunately, DayZ has this major drawback of not providing cross-play between Xbox, PS4/PS5, and PC players, and neither does it host the cross-save on different devices. With that said, DayZ players are restricted to play the game with players having the same device.

I hope this article gave you all the essential details about DayZ and its cross-platform engagement for gamers. The least one could do is patiently wait for the feature to be unfolded by Bohemia Interactive. 

Until then, keep on surviving the zombie apocalypse in DayZ and get better with your aim!

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