Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform?

Dead by daylight is a heart-stopping and gut-wrenching game that won’t let you put your controller down. The fantastic graphics with a gory storyline is enough to render the fans immovable. But imagine trying to navigate through the terrifying killers and towards the goal- the constant lookout for your back and the danger from other enemies. 

All of this is undoubtedly easier said than done. And as your desperate footsteps echo on the grounds, you can only think, what if I had my friends beside me? And as easy as the thought is, the actual implementation might be a little tricky if your friends are on different devices. 

So, we get the question – Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform? And the answer is yes, but with a little twist. 

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Dead by Daylight Overview

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical and multiplayer horror game that has ruled the hearts of gamers for the last five years. Unlike other games, this game sets a distinctive premise- while one player plays the role of a killer who is on the watch out for killing, slashing, and capturing four survivors, who are to be impersonated by other players. The killers need to eradicate them before they finish their objective and leave. 

This format of gaming with players who work on the opposite sides has been copied several times, but still Dead by daylight remains a fan favorite. This is also owing to the unique gameplay that remains exclusive to it. 

Its unpredictable nature comes from the fact that two separate modes of gaming occur simultaneously. While the four survivors are tested based on their stealth and teamwork while the killer is supposed to gauge out their location and kill them.

A palpable tension develops between the killer and survivors as the survivors tried to stealthy activate the power generator, keeping the attention of the killer away. While the killer is on the lookout but can’t attack them without a plan, given the numbers.

It is an exhilarating game that won’t let you put it down so easily. And now since it is a cross-player platform, you can easily grab your friends for a day of gaming!

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Does Dead by Daylight Offer crossplay?

Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform

As we mentioned, Dead by Daylight has been an integrated cross-player platform since last year, precisely August 13th, 2020. So, if you are a veteran, you might be already aware of this news, but if you are a newbie, congratulations! You no longer have to keep your fingers crossed in the hope of being connected with talented strangers across the world.

This cross-platform includes the majority of platforms, but some are excluded. 

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Can Mobile Players Play With PC & Console Players?

Unfortunately, if you are a mobile player, you would have to rely on strangers. Mobile streaming is the only platform that is excluded from the cross-platform announcement. 

How to Add Friends on Dead by Daylight on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch?

Now for the consoles that are supported by the crossplay include:

  • PS4 & PS5
  • PC (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X

So, as you can see, all these platforms, be it the new PS and Xbox series to older Nintendos, all support crossovers. So, if any of your friends own consoles, then they can get on in the fun!

Now how do you actually find friends while cross playing Dead by Daylight? If you are a veteran, you might already know the answer, but if you are a new player, follow the given steps:

  • Open the game
  • Switch over to your Friends list
  • Tap on the Add Friend Icon (+)
  • Manually search for your friends’ DBD ID

This is a one-time process and won’t require connection again. All the individual progress made by the player is seamlessly integrated into the system. Everything earned in the particular play is reflected in the cross-play.

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So, can you chat with your friends while playing the game? As of now, no. The current cross-playing system does not support the in-game chat function for console users. PC gamers, however, can continue using the chat that appears pre-game and post-game. We would recommend third-party apps like Discord to connect with your friends while playing. 

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