In a statement released on Monday, ESL imposed temporary bans on three CSGO coaches from their events to take advantage of a flaw in the spectator mode of the game.

The coaches at issue are:

Sinigaglia, MiBr (6-month ban) Ricardo “dead”

Heroic (12-month ban) Nicolai “HUNDEDN” Petersen

Bogatiryev, Hard Legion (24-month ban) Aleksandr “MechanoGun”

After a lengthy inquiry into the use of a glitch that allowed coaches to look around the globe, ESL describes the prohibitions.

“A bug in CS: GO makes it possible for a team coach to become a spectator anywhere on the map… We consider this to be in breach of our rulebook, section “6.10.5 Use of Bugs and Glitches.”

In addition, ESL has excluded their teams from the tournaments retroactively and forced them to forfeit their earnings.

On 26 August, the exploit was initially made public by Mariusz Cybulski before Valve patched it. In their recent ESL and PES One Cologne tournament, ESL was able to prevent the glitch from being used, but was forced to investigate their Path to Rio and DH: Open Summer (a tournament hosted by their partner organisation).

From the new ESL, Flashpoint and Dreamhack tournaments, hundreds of demos were analysed, with several more still needing to be reviewed from lower tier events.

In partnership with ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission), the sanctions were released, ensuring that they would also be upheld at Dreamhack tournaments.

Later in the evening, MiBr responded by suspending Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia from their active line-up. No further remarks on the suspension period were given by them.

On their side, Courageous publicly announced their immediate dedication to launching an internal investigation. Similarly, no further statements were made by them.