Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform?

The trend of online gaming has been increasing multifold since lockdown. These games give the players an adrenaline rush, encouraging them to play continuously, after some of the most successful games like Fortnite, Borderlands, etc., selling millions of copies worldwide. There came Fall Guys out of nowhere and became a huge success all of a sudden. The game managed to break all records of other games and was loved by many in enormous numbers.

On August 4, 2020, Mediatonic released the game for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4, and then it extended to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2021. The game’s main plot revolves around the players controlling a jellybean-like creature and competing to win all the challenges, such as obstacle courses or tag. As the game became popular within days of its launch, improvements in levels and servers were made. The response for the game was even more significant than Mediatonic could have ever expected.

fall guys

There are several kinds of users on every platform, and when a game gets popular like that, everyone wants to play it. These days letting the players play across the media is quite essential. Many developers use the cross-platform ability to ensure more engagement of players. Fall guys are also making its servers suitable for cross-playing.

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Benefits of a cross-platform game

Saves money

This is like a one-time investment to build a cross-platform network. Once it is done, it makes many things more accessible and becomes cheaper in the long run. It also clears the path for expansion in more markets.

More engagement

Linking the servers attract more players because the ability to play it across servers is quite fascinating. The players socialize more, and their gaming experience enhances increasing in game’s popularity.

Easy maintenance

The servers and network of the game become a lot easier to maintain along with the cost-cutting. The leaderboards and other essential game feature also become more accessible to handle due to more people playing a centralized game.

Centralized Markets

The scope of expansion in other markets also increases with the audience being extended to every platform. This increases the profits and craze for the game side by side.

Although there are many advantages of cross-playing, we know everything comes at a price, and the problem this feature brings up is that the game looks just the same on all platforms, and the distinctive features among different platforms have to leave. Moreover, centralizing a game is challenging considering the other servers and styles across the media.

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Fall guys and Cross-Platform ability: State-of-the-art

The recently launched game is in its initial stages to adopt the cross-platform ability as it comes to fall guys. To elaborate on the situation, you can play it across specific platforms keeping your progress the same between them but not in all the media available. This disappoints the players a lot, but a masterpiece always takes its time to show its proper form, and when it does, it outshines everything standing its way.

There are some significant reasons attached to the problem, the first being the design of the game. The players experience something new every time they change their platforms in fall guys, and it is just not a piece of cake to synchronize all of it. The next leading cause of the delay is that too many players are playing the game every time. The developers find it hard to upgrade the game while allowing many players to enjoy the game simultaneously.

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Across which platforms can you play Fall guys?

Playing on PC

If you are playing fall guys on pc, Mediatonic has successfully merged the platform with PS4. This has immensely improved the playing experience for PC as well as PS4 players. The windows and Mac users can also play together, but the battle is won halfway yet as the players don’t get to play with Xbox or Nintendo Switch players. The total ability of cross-playing will soon be available as developers are making constant efforts for it.

Playing on PS4

If you are playing fall guys on PS4, several other platforms are merged like Microsoft windows, Mac OS, and other play station models. But again, the game doesn’t allow the PS4 players to play across Xbox. Some of the best features are introduced in PS4 after the updates that have enhanced the game’s popularity among play station users.

Playing on Xbox

The Xbox users have to wait a while to play the game across other platforms like PC, Playstations, and Nintendo. So far, the developers have been able to link Xbox with its other series like Xbox Series X/S. But on the brighter side, the Xbox players get to experience a different game style distinguishing it from other platforms. This distinct style is also becoming the cause of hindrance in linking the platform.

Playing on mobile

As we all know, mobile gaming has become a huge thing since the 4G internet came into play. Every developer launches its game on mobile to ensure the maximum amount of reach for the game. And fall guys is also available on mobile, and irrespective of which operating system your smartphone has, the players can enjoy cross-platform ability at its total capacity.

Playing on Nintendo Switch

The craze for Nintendo switch as well as Fall guys has increased in the past year tremendously. So when Fall Guys introduced the game on this platform, it became yet another delightful experience for the fall guys game lovers. The game features some different levels and styles while playing on Nintendo, making it unique, but it has not been able to allow other platform gamers to play across this platform. It gets a little tricky here as if the developers try to merge the game with other media, the game’s uniqueness will be killed, leaving the game just the same as PC, PS4, or Xbox.

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There is no denying that Fall guys are the most loved game of 2020 and by far doing well in the genre. Still, there is enormous scope for the game to grow even more. As they say,” nothing in this world is perfect” the game also has a few things to improve, considering the people’s love and support for the game. This game of a new era is meant to evolve and last for a long time.

Having features like Cross-platform and cross-progression are the critical factors for the growth of a game increasing drastically. The game is still developing and providing this valuable feature, but the success looks like it is a bit far right now. If the developers can introduce cross-platform features among all the platforms, it will be a lot more beneficial for the game’s popularity. But the hard decision of letting the uniqueness go among different platforms is to be taken, or some other way is to be introduced by the developers to use cross-platform ability. Hoping this discussion will help clear all the doubts in your mind, we would like to wrap up here and look forward to further changes in the development and improvement of the game.

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