Fate Grand Order (FGO) Tier List 2021 – The Complete List

Japanese company Delightworks launched the combat game FGO in 2015. The game which appears to be featured novel is a fight between the player and the enemy. The player fights with the help of his servants and is authorized to be the ‘Master.’ three.

The servants are mythological or historical characters. They represent different cultures and powers. A total of 6 servants make a batch for the master. In any game, three servants take part actively while the other three are supposed to be the backups.

FGO tier list

The servants can be traded, bought, or sold by the master. Classified based on class and rarity, each group had six servants. The servants of higher stars are rarer and hence expensive. 

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FGO Tier List

The higher the class of the servant, the higher his tier is. It seems obvious that having a servant of a higher level gives you a better return on investment. They will prove to sustain more in the game. Mediocre or average players can be handled by them easily.

The in-game currency, Saint Quartz, purchases the servants. The game is turn-based. With each turn, you get “Command Cards.” These command cards are to be used judiciously with the assistance of the powers of the servant. The cards are used to attack. You get three attacks in each turn.

A servant with more stars will be a better choice. What are these tiers?  How Do you know which level offers what? We have it figured out for you. Given below is the description of the groups for your clarity:

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S Tier

S tier is the best of all the tiers. The servants who fall under this category are of premium rarity. You can find the 5-star servants in the majority. Hence, if you know the players in this tier, you can be on the higher end.

ServantRarity (Stars)
Zhuge Liang5
Amakusa Shirou5
Scathach Skadi5
Nikola Tesla5

D Tier

The tier is ranked last. The least effective and skilled players are found here. Servants who fall in this category are optimal only for the first few stages. For the rest of the game, you need to catch up on servants that can be viable.

Thomas Edison4
Musashibou Benkei2
Mata Hari5
Katou Danzo4
Phantom Of Opera2
Ryougi Shiki5
Gilles de Rais3
Archer Of Paraiso4

A Tier

The servants in this Tier stand next to the S tier. Strong and skilled these players can accompany you to the end. The issue with these players is that they have Walkthroughvisible weaknesses. To compensate for these weaknesses, they often need specific things to balance. We cannot deny that these players can be a great addition to your squad.

ServantRarity( Stars)
Altira Pendragon5
Francis Drake5
Katsushika Hokusai5
Okita Souji5
Robin Hood3
Okado Izo3

C Tier

This tier has most players that are viable only for the first few steps of the journey. A little better than Tier D players, these are very easy to acquire. Though the players are of a higher rarity than the Tier D players, you cannot trust these players for the whole journey.

ServantRarity( Stars)
Vlad III5
Li Shuwen4
Saint Martha4
Abigail Williams5
Chevalier d’Eon4
Cu Chulainn3
Fume Kotarou3
Henry Jekyll3
Marie Antoinette4
Rider Of Resistance3

B Tier

The tier stands third best and is said to be the balancing one. The level acts as the breaking point between the bests and the worsts levels. The players in this tier are average. They may or may not assist you to the end. The servants in this tier are plenty. The rarity of the servants ends from this tier.

ServantRarity (Star)
Caster Of Midrash4
Altria Pendragon4
Xuanzang Sanzang5
Sasaki Kojirou1
Ivan The Terrible5
Eric Bloodaxe2
Kid Gilgamesh3
Jing Ke3
Shuten Douji 5
Elisabeth Bathory4

Best Of The Bests

The characters of FGO have a special skill. This skill is classified as the ‘Class’ in the game. Each servant comes from a class. These classes are that of Riders, Assassins, Breakers, etc. The servant is specialized in the skills given above. The above tier list gives you the servants on rarity.

To make it easier for you, we have done the job. We have divided the servants into categories of class and analyzed the best ones for you. Are you wondering who among them will be the best? Who is the best of them all? Walkthrough the article to find out.

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Archers are the best pics for combat in long run. They are at par when it comes to the powers of Noble Phantasms. There are several picks for amazing archers to add to your squad. The best archers in the game are :

Tesla: whose first skill of recoiling is the nack for improving NP. with added skills by the command card, he can become unbeatable for three turns back-to-back. The servant excels in active skills including Galvanism, Natural intelligence, and passive skills like independent action. With selfish intent, he can burst the enemy team in no time.

Orion:  the character balances both attack and defense. He also has the skill to improve his critical damage by 11%. His multipurpose skill set when it comes to archery has made him one of the best archers. Orion works the best in independent action and whimsical bonds.

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Crazy warriors. With no sanity. They will not spare anyone as they know only one thing, to win. Would do any tactic to remove them all. These are some of the most powerful classes.The topmost berserkers are:

Mysterious Heroine X: with powers of self-healing and blood rage, she is the best Berserker of all. Excelling in cosmo reactor and support artillery she is a decent attacker. Though coming from the anti-saber niche, she cannot be the most popular choice. Best berserker but the worst of an assassin.

Chu Chulainn: one of the best Berserker, he is dominant with his Shouts. The servant is an assassin or archer, and he can take any one of them down. One of the best servants to find in the game, Chu has excellent survival skills.

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When it comes to an operation that has to be carried out silently, go for assassins. They are like the silent killers who are experts in covert games. Who dominates them all? 

Jack The Ripper:  The calm and decent character knows when to attack and when to stay calm. She ranks A+ when it comes to the presence concealment. She has a great NP and is known to be quick. A note that can be taken here is that she requires a lot of investments. This is the reason, masters may think before raising her. Having said that, we recommend that she is worth all those investments.

Kama: This character is all about attacks. He is the best assassin on the list.  The quickest and the most lethal attacker of all the characters. She also is well versed in defensive skills. Plus her NP raise is applaudable.


The Riders excel in mounting. They possess the power of subduing any beast that comes in our way. The beast can be a mechanical or a mythological character. They can take over them all. The best riders of them are:

Achilles: the tank rider has a hybrid style of play. The uniqueness of the player makes it the best. The best active skill that Achilles has is of Dromeus Komets. Known for his excellent attacking skills he does not require much investment. With fairly good stars and performance history, Achilles is the potential to raise.

Final Talk

That’s it for the FGO – Fate/Grand Order Tier List. It becomes crucial to know the best of the servants beforehand. It helps you in in-game strategy building. The above list will familiarise you with the servants according to their tiers and rarity. We have also listed the best of the characters as per their class. We hope we were of any help.

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