Fortebet is one of the most famous bookmakers in Uganda for sports betting. The bookmaker is only open to Ugandan citizens and is renowned for the different football markets it provides. Initially named FortuneBet when it was founded in 2014, in 2016 the name of the bookmaker was changed to Fortebet.

While the fact that Fortebet is one of the best bookmakers in Uganda is not in doubt, the issue is not that the bookmaker is fine. Instead, this study seeks to decide if Fortebet is the best bookmaker in Uganda, and whether it is the ideal option for you, going forward. Is Fortebet the best bookmaker out there really? To find out, and learn even more, read on.


  • Straightforward process of registration
  • To validate your account, an email must be sent to your registered email address.
  • As soon as you check your email address, your account is credited with 1,000 VIP points.
  • Phase for Fortebet registration-Fortebet Sports Betting

To say the least, the registration process at Fortebet is very straightforward. Look at the upper right of your computer while you are on the bookmaker ‘s website. You must click on the option “Register Now”. After you have clicked on this option, you will be redirected to a screen that will display the image above.

Your first name, surname, cell phone number, email address and date of birth must be entered. You must pick your own unique username and enter a 9-digit mobile phone number. It should be noted that Fortebet is only available to residents of Uganda and no other mobile number other than a mobile number registered in the country will be approved by a bookmaker.

“Only if you have completed all the above-mentioned material, tick the option” I have read and approved the General Terms and Conditions “and click on the option” Register “at the bottom of the registration form as soon as you tick the box” General Terms and Conditions.

It must be noted that the “Register” option will not appear on your screen if someone else has already taken the username you have selected. You must use a different username in this situation.

Efficient Registration of Fortebet-Fortebet Sports Betting

You will be redirected to a screen that looks like the above image as soon as you click on the ‘Register’ button. You must verify your email address by opening your registered email address, by opening the email address sent by Fortebet, and by clicking on the connection given. Your Fortebet account will be credited with 1,000 VIP points once you click on the given link.

It should be noted that the VIP points credited to Fortebet do not constitute the sole Welcome Bonus on offer. In the next segment of this article, we will receive the Welcome Bonus on offer at Fortebet. That being said, Fortebet does not redirect you to its page “Deposits & Withdrawals”-You must manually click on the option.


  • There are three deposit options open.
  • Starting from 500 UGX, the minimum deposit fee
  • Funds are transferred within 3 minutes to your Fortebet account
  • Fortebet options for depositing and withdrawing-Fortebet Sports Betting

You will not be guided to the “Deposits & Withdrawals” section until you are finished with the registration process, as stated before. You need to click on the option “Deposits & Withdrawals” on the top left of the page. You will see a screen that looks like the image listed above once you have clicked on the option.

Being a very new bookmaker, Fortebet provides only three deposit options in the general scheme of things. You may choose to visit and deposit your funds at any of the bookmaker ‘s shops, or pay via Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Money. To deposit at a store, all you have to do is send your username, and the amount of money you want to deposit, to a customer representative at a store near you.

It must be remembered that you will obtain a slip for the same, which you must hold carefully, until you deposit money at a Fortebet branch. At a branch, the minimum deposit sum is 1,000 UGX, while the overall deposit cap is infinite. Your Airtel number must be registered with Fortebet when it comes to depositing funds via Airtel Money.

An easy way to deposit funds, through your phone, is to use Airtel Money. 500 UGX is the minimum deposit number, while 5,000,000 UGX is the maximum deposit limit. When you initiate a transaction, funds will be deposited within 3 minutes into your account. The same will be paid for regular Airtel Money Fees.

As is the case with Airtel Money, when it comes to MTN Mobile Money, the number must be registered with Fortebet. 500 UGX is the minimum deposit number, while 4,000,000 UGX is the maximum deposit limit. Within 3 minutes of initiating a transfer, your transferred funds should be reflected in your Fortebet account. The same will apply to regular MTN Mobile Money charges.

Fortebet provides only one withdrawal option, unlike most common bookmakers. In order to withdraw your winnings, you must visit a branch near you. For the same amount, the minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 UGX, while the maximum withdrawal limit is unlimited.

It should be noted that you must first initiate a request for withdrawal by clicking on the “My Account” button at the top right of the screen and then clicking on the “Cash Out” button that appears on your screen.

The sum you want to withdraw must be entered and a 4-digit code will be sent to your registered mobile phone number. You must send this 4 digit code, and your username, to a customer representative at a Fortebet store near you, after which he / she will give you your winnings.

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  • As soon as you search your email address, 1,000 VIP points are sent to your Fortebet account.
  • A welcome bonus of up to 1.000.000 UGX is available at the time of writing.
  • For the same terms and conditions, additional terms and conditions apply
  • Welcome bid from Fortebet-Fortebet Sports Betting

Fortebet provides two exciting welcome benefits to its customers at the time of publishing. Firstly, you are sent 1,000 VIP points once you register and check your email address at Fortebet, which you can use to your advantage. In a later section, we will clarify how you can use VIP points.

Fortebet also gives a welcome bonus of up to 1,000,000 UGX to its customers. There is no welcome bonus code for the same, and your first deposit is all you have to do. You are entitled to earn a welcome bonus after you’ve made your first deposit. That being said, if you meet the stated terms and conditions, you will earn up to 100 percent of the welcome bonus, on the sum you deposit.

In order to earn the bonus amount, you must bet ten times the amount you have deposited. You will earn a bonus amount in instalments of 10 percent of the first deposit you have made after you have done this. For it to be counted against the bonus system, you must have over 5 or more options on your betting slip, with odds of over 3 per selection.

On bets, you can only put a maximum amount of 100,000 UGX for bets to be considered on the amount of the bonus. You have access to the bonus sum for a year, and you are unable to remove funds from your account until you have expended the bonus. The remaining bonus balance will be deemed void if you do withdraw funds before that.


There are no promotional deals at Fortebet,
There are no promotional offers available at Fortebet at the time of writing. Instead, the bookmaker has a dedicated “Best Shots” segment that offers insights into the different plays that customers who earned big money on Fortebet employ. To read inspiring customer winning tales, you can click on this option, and possibly bet along the same lines.

By highlighting these storeys, Fortebet ‘s idea is to inspire clients and motivate them. That being said, like all the best bookmakers do offer some, we hope that Fortebet provides promotional offers in the near future. That being said, in Uganda, Fortebet has raised their overall ticket winnings to 1 Billion UGX, and offers the highest possible ticket winnings.

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Fortebet vip member group-Sports Betting Fortebet Sports Betting

For its clients, Fortebet provides an outstanding VIP service. You are automatically enrolled in their VIP programme once you have registered with Fortebet, and you will receive a welcome bonus of 1,000 VIP points and a VIP Club card. We assume that to obtain this card, you must visit a branch close to you.

This is how on Fortebet you receive VIP points:

1-2 Matches: 1 Point

Matches 3-4: 2 Points

Matches 5-6: 3 Points

Matches 7-9: 4 Points

Matches 10-12: 6 Points

Matches 13-15: 8 Points

Matches 16 +: 10 Points

For each 1,000 UGX or more bet you place, you must place a bet using your VIP Club card at a branch near you, or at the comfort of your home, and earn VIP points. For instance, for 80,000 UGX, if you place a bet on 8 matches, you will receive 80 * 4 = 320 VIP points. Similarly, for 100,000 UGX, if you put a bet on 10 matches, you will earn 10 * 100 = 1,000 VIP points.

You can put a bet of 2,000 UGX for free once you have won 2,000 VIP points, as 1 VIP point = 1 UGX.


  • The most common choice for Fortebet is football betting.
  • For seven sports, Fortebet provides odds
  • On bid, competitive chances are
  • Pre-match bid from Fortebet-Fortebet Sports Betting

Fortebet provides odds on seven sports at the time of publishing, including football , soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, ice hockey, and US hockey. Football is the most common among punters among the seven sports in which it provides markets. Fortebet provides over 30 football markets at the time of publishing, including betting on leagues and teams in over 25 different countries.

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Fortebet has a number of different minimum and betting caps, according to the odds you endorse and the range you make. That being said, 1 trillion UGX is the highest sum of winnings in Uganda, the maximum winnings you can receive from a ticket. The terms and conditions attached to a bet you wish to place must always be read by you.

That being said, you still need to always do your due diligence, and scout several different bookmakers for a bet you want to put, and place a bet on a bookmaker that has the best odds. Bookmakers earn earnings from the margin of bookmakers, which is the margin that occurs over a 100% market, and you need to know how to calculate this margin.

The larger the margin, the lower your odds of actually winning a bet. A margin below the barrier of 110 percent is optimal, as it indicates an active and competitive market. For a betting range, you need to decide the Odds Overround to measure the bookmaker ‘s margin. For a betting range, this number can be determined by first converting each individual outcome into a decimal number.

You will then split each individual outcome by 100, and add all of the resulting outcomes together. We did this for a match in the English Premier League, and 102.19 was found to be the Odds Overround, which means that the margin of the bookmaker is poor, because the market is active and competitive.


Among young gamers and punters, Esports is extremely popular, and it is very disappointing that Fortebet does not give odds on Esports. The market of Fortebet is dominated by football, and we hope that in the near future the bookmaker will give odds on common Esports.

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Fortebet, like Politics, Sports, and Celebrity Gossip, does not give odds on any specials. In order to provide their clients with a broader range of markets to punt on, this is also an aspect they need to focus on. We hope, in time to come, that Fortebet offers odds on specials.

CASH OUT And Bet Constructors

The most famous bookmakers offer a choice through Bet Builder to cash out and build a bet. Fortebet is not, unfortunately, one of them. Especially common among punters who want to make use of the in-play feature and cash out to recover partial winnings is the Cash Out option, if they believe they can lose a bet. Bet Builder is also very common, as it enables punters, in accordance with their wishes, to create a personalised bet. That being said, we hope that Fortebet will focus on this and, in the near future, deliver these two options.

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  • In Play Option Option
  • Wide number of in-play markets
  • You can quickly monitor the timeline of matches in play and prepare your betting schedule accordingly.
  • Live Deal from Fortebet-Fortebet Sports Betting

Drag your cursor to the ‘LIVE’ option on the main navigation bar at the top of the bookmaker ‘s website to make use of Fortebet ‘s live portal. Click on a choice and you will be led to the ‘IN Action’ section of Fortebet. You should punt on the many matches that are currently in-play. To witness the different betting selections available for the match, click on any of the matches listed in the ‘IN PLAY’ section and track the minute by minute action of the match.

Unfortunately, Fortebet does not have a cash out option, so you need to wisely position your bet. By clicking on the “SCHEDULE” option to the right of the “IN PLAY” portion, you can also see Fortebet’s betting schedule. Unfortunately, Fortebet does not have facilities for live streaming. They could have provided their clients a live streaming facility for football matches, given Fortebet ‘s football betting variants.

That being said, in the future , we hope they will focus on this.

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  • Approved by Uganda ‘s National Lotteries Board
  • Open only to citizens of Uganda
  • Safe and secure

Fortebet is licenced and supervised, for both its sportsbook and casino branches, by the National Lotteries Board of Uganda. The bookmaker is open only to Ugandan citizens, and is one of Uganda ‘s best, most secure bookmakers. Fortebet provides a wonderful betting experience for its clients, with caution to practise healthy betting.

Although the bookmaker does not come with a dedicated safe betting centre, you must bet carefully, and ensure that you do not over exert yourself. Betting above your capacity threshold will damage your physical and mental being, let alone wasting away your hard earned cash. That being said, there are no references to illegal conduct and activity in Fortebet.

All of your transferred funds are safe on the network, and you need to worry about leaching your funds from hackers, or using your personal data for malicious purposes. Fortebet separates all running costs from the winnings produced on the platform for bookmakers. This means that, if they do go out of business, they will pay you back.

All casino games, on a random basis, have numbers generated, and Fortebet has no control over this. Based on the effort you put into the process, you win cash, and Fortebet has no knowledge of the odds on which you are betting, winning, or losing a bet or game. Fortebet is a stable platform, and this should not be a restriction against this platform not being selected.

SERVICE AND Customer Service

  • You can contact customer service via e-mail and call free of charge.
  • There is no 24/7 customer service available.
  • A customer service representative can also be contacted through Facebook.
  • Customer service from Fortebet-Fortebet Sports Betting

“Click on the” Contact Us “option on the top left of the bookmaker ‘s website when it comes to customer service. You will be redirected to a screen that looks like the above-mentioned image once you click on the option. You may opt to either call a representative for customer service, or e-mail Fortebet.

You must dial the number 0800 202 202 in order to contact a customer service representative. You should send an email to if you are trying to elicit a formal response to a question you might have. Within 24 hours after you send an email, you are likely to receive a response.

Unlike other new-age bookmakers, on the bookmaker website, Fortebet does not give its clients an opportunity to talk with a customer service representative, which is frustrating to say the least. That being said, you can click on the “Facebook” choice to the extreme right of your screen if you scroll down to the bottom of the bookmaker ‘s website.

By clicking on this option, you can choose to contact a customer service representative via Facebook. We hope that Fortebet will work to provide 24/7 customer service and also extend its options for customer support by offering a live chat facility.

USABILITY AND Architecture

  • Pleasing style by the eye
  • It is very easy to use and navigate the website by
  • No concealed choices


Fortebet has a fun style, consisting of a gentle orange and black blend, with a touch of white. There is no design difficulty, and all choices are readily available to click on, via the main screen of the website. Tap on the “Contact Us” option on the top left of the website to contact a customer service representative. To the right of the “Contact Us” section is the “Deposits & Withdrawals” option.

There is a “My Account” option on the top right of the website. To view and edit your account data, or to request a withdrawal, you must click on this. The main navigation bar of the website consists of the “SPORTSBOOK” and “Online” parts of the website. Click on the former to witness the different sporting odds on offer at Fortebet, while you must click on the latter to access the bookmaker’s in the play section and schedule.

There are common betting odds at the centre of the bookmaker ‘s website, for upcoming matches, and to the right, your current betting slip exists. At the left, exist the numerous sporting markets at offer at Fortebet, and options to click on the most popular football markets, that punters typically bet on. You can see some choices, including witnessing the bookmaker’s terms and conditions, and privacy policy, if you scroll down to the bottom of the website.

The licences that are also held by Fortebet are shown at the bottom of the website. You can access the Facebook page of a bookmaker by clicking on the “Facebook” option at the extreme right of the bottom of the website.

FOR Phones

Fortebet does not have smartphone apps for Android and Apple users at the time of writing. This is a let-down, as the majority of prominent bookmakers provide smartphone apps to their customers. The bookmaker, however, comes with a mobile-friendly website and options via Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money to make mobile-friendly deposits.

If you open the website of a bookmaker on your mobile phone. You’ll note that the outlay for the bookmaker varies from the desktop edition. There is a registration option, and at the top right, login. While the key navigation bar of the bookmaker is present right below that. For that sport, you can click on any of the sports icons below to take you to the markets on sale.

Other than these choices, no other options exist on the Fortebet mobile-friendly website. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see an option to move to a bookmaker ‘s desktop edition. This is recommended, as when it comes to the desktop edition, there are some more choices in place. That said, we hope that, in the near future, Fortebet will work on mobile apps for Android and Apple users.

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Fortebet offers several casino games to enjoy, and virtual soccer chances. Fortebet has not yet spread to other items, among others, such as Arcade, Poker, and Bingo, and we hope they will be working on this in the future. That being said, Fortebet offers many fantastic casino games, including Hell Game and Horror Joker, which are very fun, and our favourite.

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However, if you are interested in the casino markets that Fortebet has to offer, you can also try other games. Digital Soccer is an exciting, but volatile market to punt on, and after every five minutes, as shown on their website, Fortebet offers a new Virtual Soccer game to punt on. To enter either of these markets, you must click on the ‘CASINO’ or ‘VIRTUAL SOCCER’ options, which are present in the main navigation bar.

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Although the fact that Fortebet is a great bookmaker for punters in Uganda is not questionable, the issue was never about Fortebet being a successful bookmaker. Instead, the question was about Fortebet being the best bookmaker available to you. We have come to the conclusion that there could be better alternatives on the market than Fortebet, after examining the various aspects of the bookmaker.

The bookmaker offers a simplified registration process, talking about the pros of Fortebet, which is easy. The bookmaker provides an excellent VIP programme as soon as you register on the bookmaker website, which gives you 1,000 VIP points. An equally tempting welcome bonus is offered by Fortebet.

They deliver excellent football chances, and are a safe , reliable and stable forum. That said, Fortebet provides only three options for deposits, and one option for withdrawals. Any promotional deals are not offered by the bookmaker, which is very disappointing. The welcome bonus, too, comes with very strict guidelines, making it very hard to receive.

Fortebet only provides odds on seven sports, and does not offer odds on Esports, among others, and specials such as Movies, Politics, and Celebrity Gossip. This is a major letdown for punters to bet on, as it minimises the amount of markets on sale. For any sport, the bookmaker does not offer live streaming, nor does it come with a betting builder or cash out option.

For Apple and Android users, the bookmaker does not have a mobile application and it has limited other items, among which Casino and Virtual Soccer are the only choices. Although Fortebet does well, it needs to give much more to its clients in the stuff it provides, to be the largest force in Uganda.

When it comes to football, Fortebet is one of the best in Uganda, and we hope to build on their drawbacks, to become a more rounded bookmaker. That being said, look no further than Fortebet if football is the only market you are interested in, as the bookmaker provides highly competitive odds for football.

Fortebet ‘s Open Account