Idle Heroes Tier List 2022

Idle Heroes was launched in 2016 by DroidHang Games. The game is an RPG one and has effects visible to be Asians. 

The game is a turn-based storyline of the player having a team of six Factions. These factions belong to different classes and have stars according to skills. The life of the character in the game is exhibited by four indicators, namely health, Attack, Armor, and Speed. 

IDLE Heroes Tier List

You heard it right; the game offers about 200 characters of different classes and tiers. The issue comes when you have to choose the six from 200 characters. As you go up in the game, you have to make sure that you make your team stronger. 

Every character you include in the team must be an asset. How to choose the right character for your team? We are here to help you out. We have a list of all the characters in the game in tiers according to their feasibility in the game. We have also explained each class and the best of the nature in it for your reference. Keep the list in mind as it will help you in the game. 

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Classes In The Idle Heroes 

There are various classes in Idle Heroes. Each class has an individual skillset. The characters of the same category are specialized in ordinary skills. 

Out of all the classes of Idle Heroes, wearer mentioning a few below and the heroes best in the category:


Attackers are the most popular characters in the game. So much so that they even surpass Tanks. As the name suggests, Attackers are known for their active gameplay using attacking as the prime pillar. They do not believe in defensive gameplay. 

Attackers are always ahead of the team, saving the unit from damage. It is advised to use a few Attackers in your squad of Idle Heroes. Who are the best Attackers? Here are a few mentioned below:


The character from Abyss Faction is renowned for his damaging skills and excellent stats. The basic skill involves his ability to handle damages from multiple sources at the same time. The energy skill adds to his powers by attacking the enemy of four in number at once. This active skill is called Ray Of Delacium.

It is observed that if you multiply Delaciums, they can make your team into a solid one. Three Delaciums will prove to be lethal on the enemy.

Scarlet Queen Halora

The queen belongs to Transcendence. The skill that makes her stand out is that she damages the enemy and boosts up her team at the same time. The active skill of the queen is Crimson Abyss. The talent is said to bleed the enemy.

The active skill is supplemented by the passive skill of Queen’s Edict. The power will reduce the damage inflicted by the enemy. She also possesses the passive skill that is self-healing. The talent is called Ultimate Queenship.


Another star of the Attackers. From the faction of Dark, she is known for her magical powers. She not only attacks the enemy but also makes sure that their power is subdued. This power is called the Devouring Mark. 

The character will support you for a long period as she has the power of Darkness Befalls. With this power, she can boost her immunity and the chance of her survival increase. 

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Support Heroes 

These can better be called the buffer zones of the team. As the name suggests, they do not have skills like attacking or defending but support them.

They have powers like healing which lets them help their teammates. They can be an asset to your team if strong support heroes are included. Who are the strong support heroes? Here are the best of them:

Amen- Ra

She can prove to be the best hero of the entire game. She belongs to Dark Faction. What she does is combine two of her powers, making her strong enough to beat the enemy. 

She not only damages the enemy but also prohibits them from using their powers for about two rounds. This skill can be a game-changer or a lifesaver. 

Her passive skill includes a healing charm, which will damage the enemy 2x what he is now instead of healing him. 

Heart Watcher 

An Assassin by Faction, she can multiply the output of damage of the team. Hence she is one of the best Support Heroes of the series. 

You can find at least one Heart Watcher in the team of the top players. She is a healer too that can heal you up to 280%.


From the Light Faction, she has one of the highest healing powers of the Support heroes. The skill is called the Sanctity Will. This power can reimburse health to around three teammates. 

She not only attacks the enemy but also multiplies the damage output by 400%. Her skill, called the Holylight Sparkle, can help the allies and destroy the enemy simultaneously. 

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Tank Heroes

They work as the absorbers for the team. They take on all the damage that they could for their team. They will improve the different systems of the group. What is best among the tanks? Let us have a look:


Coming from the forest faction, Garud can observe a lot of damage. She uses her feathers to make a buffer zone between the enemy and the ally. Her power feather braid empowers her to build the weather each time she walks into the enemy territory. 


Tara has a special power when it comes to providing any way to use their passive skills. Uses an active skill seal of light and passive skill seal and fluctuation of light to prevent the enemy from using his power. 

The player is a long-lasting one and can be an asset for the longer Run. 


she uses her powers to control the defensive gameplay of the enemy. This power is called a burning counterattack. 

Apart from providing defensive capabilities, she also damages the enemy. The scale is called flame bombardment. She can add extra damage to the already damaged enemy. 

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Idle Heroes Tier List 

For your convenience to select the best of the heroes, we have segregated the characters into different tiers. We will list the heroes from the best to the worst levels. You should note that it is impossible to list them; we have presented the most popular ones here.

S Tier

The best of all the tiers. You can expect the best of the heroes on this list. They can take down any enemy that gets in the way. Try to incorporate them into the team as much as you can. They are further divided into S+, and S. S+ are the heroes that excel, and S comes lower in the same tier. Let us have a look:

Scarlet QueenS+The hero is an all-rounder. You can expect her to excel in all the modes. She can be the best part of the team.
Fairy Queen VesaSShe is a package in herself. With powers like attacking, she also is a healer.
Sword Fish XiaS+She is amongst the top damage absorbers of the game. Though she is viable in all the game modes, you can see her at best in Seal Land 25.
Star Wing JahraSShe is the best shield that your team can have. When the time comes, she can take over an entire enemy team.
EloiseSThis hero can support you from the beginning to the end. She is at her best in solo seal mode.
Asmodel The DauntlessSThe hero is the best damage control dealer on the entire list.
IthaquaSAnother noticeable damage dealer in the list. You can trust her from the beginning to the end of the game. 
Drake SThe hero is adding value to himself in recent times. The damage inflicted is excellent. 

A Tier 

This tier can be called the above-average tier. The heroes in this year can be trusted to perform well in the game but not as excellent as the S Tier ones. However, these are strong players and can add value to your team. Have a look at the list below. 

Name Tier Description 
TixAthe hero performs excellently during the first stages of the game. Recently it has dropped the damage inflicted on the enemy, but still, during the early stages, this can be one of the excellent characters. 
RusselAan all-rounder Hero that can help you throughout the journey. 
AndreaA+a great addition to the team, the hero, has healing powers and keen targeting powers. 
RoganA+Viber in all the game modes. Robin is a great support Hero
Carrie A+weather and energy skills, she can be a great support hero.
Penny Awith her commendable damage, she can be one of the best players during the early stages of the game
AidaAshe can be a good player in the mood of Aspen, but she cannot be a great team player in other modes
Amen RaA+Amen is one of the best players in the entire series of idle heroes with the right blend of matter setups and healing powers.

B Tier

The tier is an average one. The player’s hair performed mediocrely. They can be counted as neutral-powered players but not too good. However, they are better than the C and D Tier ones.

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NameTIER Description 
SajaBis capable only during the first half of the play. 
FionaBA  good support Hero but has lost her shielding powers in recent times.
InosukeBthough she performs great at damaging, she is difficult to survive without much noticeable shielding powers. 
Garuda BGarud can be an asset for the team with amazing shielding powers during the game’s first stage. 
AspenBShe is a great player till the middle of the game. 
HorusBis Greater damage dealing and tanking but cannot be trusted to the end of the game

C Tier 

the heroes in this year are low-performing. You cannot trust them even to the middle of the game and have to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Name TierDescription
PhorcysC+It works ok as a buffer remover but cannot survive much in the game. 
MoraxC+the player works ok in some modes of the play but cannot be trusted everywhere. 
XiaCthe player does not have any skill that can be counted as a good one. She is a below-average character
BelrainCcan be useful only at some parts of the game, and that too for buffering. 
Gloria Cnot a great player to be added to the team. 
ElyviaCshe has powers like aura that you can use her at part of the game. 

D Tier

This is the lowest layer of the game. You can expect the worst of the players here. You cannot have them in the team if you wish to perform well in the game. Avoid these characters as much as you can. 

GustinD+can help in removing buffers. Hence he can be a good support player. 
Faith BladeDthis character can make you win in the Aspen model, but the survival rate is quite low
OrkirimaruD+this character may not be worthy of investment. 
NakiaDwith common damaging, the character is a low-performing player. 
Unimax 3000Dbox average as a support player cannot Express expect much

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That is it about the idle heroes tier list. The list given above is based on our observations and recommendations. The best of attackers tank heroes also have been listed. We hope that we were helpful to you in choosing the right heroes for your team. 

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