Illusion Connect Tier List (2022)

If you are into Gacha games, you must have heard of Illusion Connect. The game is all about tactics. The player has to form a team of characters. The character is to be made strong as the game proceeds. These characters are called Radiants.

The player has the option to choose to have a character or not. You can even exchange the character. It must be clear that all the characters are not the same. Some are strong, while some are weak. To clarify your doubts, we are here with the Illusion Connect Tier List. The lits will give you a comprehensive insight into what characters to choose from. It is essential for a game that is tactics-based.

Illusion Connect Tier List

The Illusion Connect tier list that we offer you will make your work easier when choosing characters. The game solely revolves around the characters. Walk with us through the article to understand where a character stands.

What Is Illusion Connect

Illusion connect is a turn-based RPG genre game developed by Superprism Technology. The game revolves around the Radiants, the player who tries to save your base from Nightmare.

The game is tactics-based, where you have to prohibit the enemy from entering your base while trying to capture them. The player builds this team during 15 levels of the game. The options you get to choose from are 50. 

Each character is different and has a unique power or skill. You start with one character, which you can customize from looks to attributes. This character is your representative in the game. Now you have to get, leave, or exchange Radiatnts to make a strong team. The guide to help you is given below. 

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Type Of Characters

Before jumping into the Illusion Connect tier list, we need to understand that the characters have a type. They can be Attackers, Sorcerers, Guardians, Healers, Summoners, Light Partners, and Spell. What is unique about them? Read below:

1. Attackers:

as you can sense by the name, their gameplay is all about attacking. They form excellent combos with passive characters like Nightmare Hunter Leader, Light Paradin, etc. 

2. Sorcerers:

they used to be in the strongest category of characters. However, in recent times, they have lost their spell. It is characters like Yuffie and Nicola that have kept the name of Sorcerers.

3. Guardians:

The Guardians is all about Angela. This character has seen a great development since the recent UR weapon addition. Do not miss out on a chance to get this character. If you work on her, she can get you to the very end of the game.

4. Healers: 

the least quantity of all the categories. They are rare to find. Ming is the strongest of all the healers, followed by Anna and Diana. You can find only seven healers in the game.

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5. Summoners:

the summoners are the strongest category of the characters. Annis is said to become the strongest summoner as soon as she receives awakening. Summoners are equally fun and difficult to play with. However, they can fetch you victory.

6. Light Partners:

They might not be strong but can hold the enemy for long. They can be a buffer zone between the leader and the enemy. Phoebe is the strongest of all the Light Partners.

Illusion Connect Tier List

We list the characters in tiers from strong to weak. The weaker Radiants are viable only for the start of the journey. Try to teach more of the stronger players as you proceed. The list will help you in the process of choosing when you know which characters stand where the job will become easier.

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S Tier

The highest-ranking tier. You will find the strongest characters in this tier. You can trust them with all their might to easily defeat the enemy. Who are all on the list? Have a look:

Kasumi Attacker
MiyukiLight Spell

A Tier

Next to the S tier lies the A tier. They are strong characters only standing next to the S ones. You can trust them during the game against strong enemies. 

Berialon Guardian
Eileen Light

B Tier

The characters in this Tier are considered good enough to fight enemies. If you use them well, they can prove to be an asset. Let us have a look at who is there in this tier.


D Tier

These characters can be said to be average ones. They are good until the middle journey, but you cannot trust them much. They might not be able to defeat the opponents. Be careful in choosing them.

Harto Light

E Tier

The weakest tier. The Radiants here are of hardly any use. The E Tier Radiants are feasible only at the start of the journey. Their opponents can easily defeat them. If you can, try to keep them away from the arena.



Illusion Connect is a very popular game. The players are always looking for ways to get better at the game. Since it is a tactics-based game, knowing the strength and weaknesses of the characters can be very useful. You can use the characters accordingly in the game.

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The Illusion Connect tier list given above can prove highly beneficial for a player who wishes to improve. Use the list to filter out the Radiants according to the game plan. A good team leader knows his team well. The list above will help you in the area. We hope that we were of any help.

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