Is Dying Light Cross-Platform?

All users today want their games to support cross-platform playing. This is because they get to play and interact with friends, family, and other players without worrying about the systems they use. If a game can be played cross-platform, users will not have to worry about spending extra money buying different versions of the game just to play together.

The same question has been asked by Dying LIght players who want to know whether their game is compatible with cross-platform playing. If you are wondering the same, then this article will answer that question for you.

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An Overview of Dying Light

Designed and created by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Dying Light is a survival game within the horror genre launched in 2015. Dying Light is set in an urban township called Harran. The aim of the game is to survive the zombie attack that has occurred in the city. 

The game is played using a first-person perspective, and the players have to move around the city to escape or explore. The zombie attacks only happen at night. The character can search and collect supplies and build weapons to survive the attack. 

For further information on the characters’ backstory, side games are available that also grant special rewards and help move along in the main game.

The game and its visuals have been praised by users and critics alike. However, the users want to enjoy this game in a cross-platform method. Read below to see whether the game supports cross-platform playing between various gaming systems, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, and more.

Does Dying Light Offer Cross-Platform Support in 2021?

Is Dying Light Cross-Platform

The users of Dying Light will be glad to know that Dying Light supports cross-platform playing. Users can now play together without buying additional systems or multiple copies of the game. Regardless of the player’s console, they can play with other players without disruption or other troubles.

The benefits that cross-playing brings are numerous. Listed below are a few of them

  • Players do not have to buy a PC console to play the game but can use their systems.
  • Players can connect with friends and other players, regardless of the location of game consoles.
  • More players have access to the game.
  • Mechanics and games specs will improve over time to suit all different types of consoles.
  • Increase in modding options for the game.

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Dying Light Cross-Platform Support On PC and Nintendo Switch

Players will be delighted to find out that Dying Light is compatible with cross-platform playing between PC and Nintendo Switch. If you are looking to play Dying Light with someone who has a PC console and you have a Nintendo Switch, you do not have to worry, as you can play the game along with them without having to buy a different version of the game. 

Dying Light Cross-Platform Support On PS4 and Xbox One

Players that use a PlayStation system to play Dying Light can easily play the game with players who use Xbox One without facing any difficulties. The game is perfectly optimized for cross-platform playing, and everything in the game, from movements, functions, and controls, are equal on both consoles.

Dying Light Cross-Platform Support PC and Xbox One

Yes! If you use A PC console to play Dying Light, you can play with a player who uses an Xbox One (or vice-versa) without encountering any problem. Dying Light supports cross-platform multiplayer playing between PC and Xbox One.

Dying Light Cross-Platform Support On PC and PS4

Luckily for the users of Dying Light, cross-platform playing between PS4 and PC. This means that irrespective of whether players use a PS4 console or PC, they can play with each other on an equal footing without worrying about specs or management of the game.

Dying Light Cross-Platform Support On PS4 and PS5

Whether you use a PS4 or a PS5, you can play Dying Light with other PlayStations users, regardless of the type of system they use. This is because both PS4 and PS5 support cross-platform playing.

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Dying Light Cross-Platform Support On Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Similarly, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S are both compatible with cross-platform Playing. This is good news for Xbox One owners as they do not have to spend money to buy newer Xbox models to play with their friends.


In his article, we answered the question that Dying LIght players have been asking whether the game allows cross-platform playing. Luckily for all the players, the games support cross-platform playing across all the major systems. This article discussed the cross-platform compatibility between various gaming systems, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, and more.

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