Is Jump Force Cross-Platform?

There is no feeling that can compare with playing with your friends. Even more so, when you get to play video games with friends regardless of their location. Most big gaming companies are therefore trying to manufacture games that can be played across different platforms. 

Jump Force has become one of the most talked-about games in recent times, and users have wondered if it can be played cross-platform. This article will discuss the compatibility of Jump Force across different platforms and if you can play cross-platform with it.

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An Overview of Jump Force Game

On the 15th of 2019, Jump Force was released, and it initially only catered to users of Windows PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One. Additionally, in 2020 Jump Force was made compatible with Nintendo Switch. 

Jump Force is a combat game. The game mixes different characters from various anime shows, including but not limited to Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Izuku from My Hero Academia, Naruto, and Sasuke from Naruto.

Like all other combat games, the purpose of the game is simple, to beat the opponent you are playing against. It can be achieved through two methods: finishing the HP meter provided to all characters or removing them from the playing area.

Additionally, certain characters come with some added features. Goku is one such character, for he can morph into different forms during a match.

As a player, you can control three characters during a game, and you win a game by removing the opponent one character at a time or inflicting so much damage that all their HP bars get over.

Regarding the specs of the game, the graphics are clear and detailed and make for an enjoyable experience. Moreover, the soundtrack played during a game is exciting and pleasant to listen to. It also draws the player more into the games and does not distract.

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform in 2021?

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform

Unfortunately, you cannot play Jump Force with other plates if you have different consoles as it is not a Cross-Platform game. Additionally, to play a game with another player, they need to have the same version as yours.

Though this is sad news, there are various reasons why Jump Force is not compatible to be played across different modes.

  • Creating a game that works smoothly across multiple platforms is more challenging and requires more time. Hence programmers focus more on creating one well-built version of the game.
  • The cost of building a game that can be cross-played is much higher, and this expense could make the game more expensive and have fewer users, which is why the company hesitates from making such changes.
  • If a game can be played across multiple platforms at once, it becomes easier for people to hack into the game, which can then cause a lot of unpleasantness for players of the game.
  • Keeping track of a player’s progress through multiple devices is extremely difficult. This means that the user’s efforts might go to waste and would be unfair to them.
  • Since each device has a different version, players might face issues that are not there in the version they play with.

Jump Force Cross-Platform Support on PC and PS4

As mentioned earlier, Jump Force is not compatible with cross-platform playing. And this applies to PC and PS4 players as well. Moreover, if you are a player that uses the two consoles, your progress will be separate for both.

Can Xbox and PC play Jump Force together?

Unfortunately, it is the same situation with these two devices as well. You cannot play with players who are using an Xbox if you use a PC and vice-versa. Similarly, you cannot access your progress from the other console.

Jump Force Cross-Platform Support on PC and Nintendo Switch

Though the Nintendo version is the most recent, it still does not support cross-platform playing. This means you cannot play along with friends who use the PC console if you use a Nintendo Switch and vice-versa.

Jump Force Cross-Platform Support on PS4 and PS5

Luckily, it is possible. If you play Jump Force on a PS4 and your friend wants to play with you using a PS5. Jump Force supports cross-platform between these two consoles.

Jump Force Cross-Platform Support on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One

Though you can play cross-platform between a PS4 and PS5 console, it is not supported with an Xbox One. So you cannot play with users who use either one of the consoles if you use the other.


The cross-platform support of Jump Force has become a recent topic of conversation. This article delves into the question and sees whether Jump Force is compatible with cross-platform playing with the various consoles, namely, Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, Jump Force does not support cross-platform play except between PS4 and PS5. Though this is unfortunate, we also speculated why Jump Force had not been made cross-platform compatible yet.

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