Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

It has been ten years of endless entertainment for Minecraft gamers. The game, which prompts you to construct buildings, go mining and even keep pets, gets dangerous when you fight mobs of enemies like Skeleton, Zombies, etc. You can go solo or enter the game through multiplayer mode.

This then prompts the question – What if your friends play on different platforms? Would you still be able to play with them? So, is Minecraft cross-play? We have got you covered! Check out our following sections to find answers to your questions.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

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Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

Since the initial release, Minecraft has allowed players across different platforms to game together. So, said – Minecraft is cross-platform. But within the specific versions. Now, if you aren’t aware, then Minecraft works under two versions- Java and Bedrock. Only players from within a particular version are allowed to play together.

So, the players from the Bedrock version can only compete with others from this version. This edition supports Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Series S/X, PS 4 and 5, Android and iOS phones, and personal computers.  

While the Java version, i.e., the original Minecraft version, is accessible to Mac and Linux users. So players within these two platforms can cross-play with each other. 

These two versions are completely different in terms of software architecture, features, and control. Hence that the cross-play process to connect the devices differ as well. 

Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between Nintendo Switch and Linux?

Minecraft is currently not available for cross-platform Nintendo Switch and Linux. This is because both these platforms have entirely different versions, which aren’t compatible with each other.  

Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between iOS and Mac?

Despite being from the same company, the two platforms – iOS and Mac – are not cross-platform Minecraft. 

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Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between Android and iOS?

Yes, these two phone operating systems are compatible for cross-platform under Minecraft. 

Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between Mac and Linux?

YES! Both of these platforms, Mac and Linux, work under the same Java Version of Minecraft and are cross-platform. 

Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between Xbox Series X/S and Android?

They are! Xbox Series and Android, even while being completely different environments, do support cross-platform on Minecraft. 

Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between PS4 and Xbox?

The main issue most games face is the feud between PSN and Xbox. Both of these platforms are strong competitors and refuse to allow cross-platform gaming. However, Minecraft has managed to persuade the media into an agreement. 

So yes! Minecraft is cross-platform between PS4/PS5 and Xbox series.

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Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between PC and Linux?

Unfortunately, both of these platforms do not support cross-platform gaming. This is because of the Minecraft versions – While PC runs on the Bedrock version, Linux supports Java Version. And since both of these are not compatible with each other, they won’t allow cross-platform. 

Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between Nintendo Switch and PC?

Yes! Cross-platform between consoles and PC is available under Minecraft. This is so because even while having different system architecture, they run on the same Bedrock version. 

Does Minecraft Support Cross-Platform Between iOS and PS4?

Absolutely! Minecraft is available for cross-platform between Phones and consoles since they support the same Bedrock version. So, if you find yourself on one of these platforms and your friend on another, you can easily cross-play!

How to play cross-platform on Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

To cross-play on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, follow the given steps:

  • First, you need to sign in through your Minecraft registered account in the game. If you are an Xbox One user, you will automatically get an account. But if you are a console user, you need to take up an online membership. Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Live are some membership hosting platforms.
  • Next, you need to create a new world or enter a world that already exists. 
  • Now, open the pause menu in-game. Do this only after the environment is completely loaded.
  • There you will find the “Find Cross-Platform Friends” under the “Invite to Game” option. 
  • Now you need to “Add friends” after locating them through their Minecraft ID or the Gamertag.
  • The players available to play will appear under the “Online Friends” tab. To invite them, click the  “Send 1 Invite” against their Gamertag and once they accept, get ready to play! They will now get automatically added to your “Friends” list.  

Before you start adding your friends, remember that you cannot play all the environments together. This is due to their nature. Some features are console-specific and cannot get carried over to other devices. And to prevent any misdeeds, these environments are kept away from the cross-play. 

Like the Nintendo Switch, users cannot share the “Mario Mash-Up” world with any other device. It is limited to sharing between just the Switch users.

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How to play cross-platform on Minecraft Java Edition?

Getting to cross-play in the Java edition is a little more complicated than the Bedrock edition. Since it is an old version, it does not host any direct method to cross-platform. To cross-play this version of Minecraft between Linux and Mac, follow the given steps:

  • You can invite your friends over to a public Minecraft server or create your own. Just use their IP addresses to connect. 
  • Minecraft Realms is another way. It is a paid service where multiple players can come together to play. Mojang creates several servers, and you can buy yourself one. 
  • If you and your friends can physically get together in one place, then LAN connection is another way to cross-play. Just connect to the same Local Area Network!

How can you join your friends’ Minecraft games?

Besides asking your friends to join your session, you too can join theirs! First, ensure that they are present in your “Friends” list. Once confirmed, scroll through the list and join their session under the “Joinable Cross-Platform Friends.” 

Though these sessions allow just eight members to join at a single time, your friends too can directly invite you to their games. A pop-up will appear on your screen, showcasing their request, which you can either accept or decline. 


Despite being majorly cross-platform, the lack of exclusion of Java and Bedrock cross-play is undoubtedly a bummer. The news is unfortunate for Java version players who have a limited pool of players. And while we understand the systematic differences in the two versions, which render cross-play practically impossible, the fact still leaves us sad. 

Even if the developers try to make necessary changes in the base code, it very well might be years before we see some results. But we do hope that all the platforms become cross-platform one day, and we can all play together.

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