Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: Seasons (Nov 2021)

There are hundreds of MOBA games out there, but Mobile legends stay on the top with 80 million monthly players and constant updates that make the entire gameplay more exciting. The quick matchmaking, quick battles, and human opponents make it a lot more fun as you don’t have to spend 10-15 minutes just to get into one battle and get disappointed with bots as your opponents. 

The game has been entertaining us for around 5 years, and players have experienced many changes in graphics, characters, and gameplay. Season 22 has started already, and we have decided to share the Mobile legends tier list to determine which player to choose and which you should work harder with this season. 

Mobile Legends Hero Tier Listv

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List: Seasons

This Mobile Legends Hero Tier list makes it easier for you to decide which player you should choose and which player you should avoid. The lists are divided into 5 categories, S, A, B, C, and D, where tier S consists of all the top-notch and power-packed characters. 

We’ll kick off with the most powerful Tier of Mobile legends Hero, i.e., Tier S.

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Mobile Legends Tier S

Tier S characters can outperform the opponents in lesser moves. You can knock the opponents even with a single hit, and the defense of these heroes is also commendable. 

You might have noticed these heroes helping teams finish the match and win it with the best score every time. They are equipped with tools that can help knock down the enemies that come in their way.

That’s the benefit of choosing a Tier S hero, and with this being said, let’s move forward to Tier A.

ValirMageDamage, Guard
GrockTankCrowd control, Initiator
Yu ZhongFighterRegen, Damage
NataliaAssassinChase, Reap
X.borgFighterRegen, Burst
KhufraTankInitiator, Crowd control
ZhaskMageChase, Damage
LingAssassinChase, Burst
ClaudeMarksmanBurst, Chase
SilvannaFighterInitiator, Magic Damage
KimmyMarksman, MageMixed Damage
HylosTankGuard, Initiator
KajaFighter, SupportControl, Charge
BadangFighterCharge, Burst
BrunoMarksmanReap, Burst
Luo YiMageSupport, Crowd control

Mobile Legends Tier A

The heroes listed in Tier A might be less powerful than Tier S heroes, but you can’t underestimate their moves. With a couple of power hits, you can overpower your opponents and turn the tables. 

Wan WanMarksmanReap, Burst
SelenaAssassin, MageInitiator, Reap
JawheadFighterCharge, Burst
Chang’eMagePoke, Burst
GrangerMarksmanBurst, Reap
CecilionMagePoke, Burst
MashaFighterPush, Damage
DiggieSupportGuard, Poke
HanzoAssassinPoke, Burst
LyliaMagePush, Damage
AtlasTankCrowd control, Initiator
LancelotAssassinChase, Burst
ThamuzFighterChase, Damage
GatotkacaTank, FighterCrowd control, Burst
EsmereldaMage, TankRegen, Mixed Damage
PharsaMageBurst, Poke
HelcurtAssassinPush, Burst
ChouFighterChase, Control
FreyaFighterChase, Damage
LolitaSupport, TankGuard, Crowd control
KarrieMarksmanReap, Damage

Mobile Legends Tier B

The heroes listed in Tier B have limited strength and may not perform as well as you expect them to be, but they can help you win a match if you are sharp enough to lay down a strategy.

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Moreover, if you move these heroes along with the ones with a better ranking, the chances of winning increase. Lastly, Tier B heroes can also perform well if they are fighting against opponents of the same Tier or lower.

CarmillaSupportCrowd control, Damage
AngelaSupportGuard, Support
HayabusaAssassinChase, Burst
KaguraMagePoke, Reap
GordMagePoke, Burst
TerizlaFighterBurst, Crowd control
LeomordFighterChase, Burst
AldousFighterBurst, Support
LesleyMarksman, AssassinReap, Burst
BelerickTankCrowd control, Regen
KaditaMage, AssassinBurst, Charge
RubyTank, FighterCrowd control, Regen
OdetteMageBurst, Poke
HanabiMarksmanReap, Damage
Yi Sun-ShinMarksman, AssassinReap, Chase
RogerFighter, MarksmanReap, Burst
GusionAssassinBurst, Magic Damage
TigrealTankCrowd control
HarleyMage, AssassinBurst, Poke
GuinevereFighterBurst, Magic Damage
NanaMage, SupportPoke, Guard
HarithMageChase, Damage
EstesSupportRegen, Guard
HildaFighter, TankDamage, Regen
MoskovMarksmanReap, Chase
FrancoTankInitiator, Control

Mobile Legends Tier C

Tier C comprises less powerful heroes that need an alliance of good teammates to push rankings. They require assistance at the time of landing and in maps like jungle control and lane dominance.

Lapu-LapuFighter, AssassinChase, Burst
Popol and KupaMarksmanPush, Burst
BalmondFighter, TankDamage, Regen
MinotaurTank, SupportCrowd control
IrithelMarksmanReap, Burst
FannyAssassinChase, Reap
MartisFighterReap, Charge
LunoxMageBurst, Damage
JohnsonTankSupport, Crowd control
AuroraMageCrowd control, Poke
DyrrothFighterCharge, Burst
RafaelaSupportRegen, Guard
FaramisSupport, MageGuard, Charge
ZilongFighter, AssassinChase, Damage
EudoraMageControl, Burst
AlucardFighter, AssassinChase, Damage
CyclopsMagePoke, Control

Mobile Legends Tier D

The D tier consists of the weakest section of heroes that require extra energy to play with but thankfully, they have some strength that can outshine in maps like lane dominance and jungle control. 

KarinaAssassinReap, Magic Damage
BaxiaTankSupport, Damage
ArgusFighterCharge, Burst
ClintMarksmanReap, Burst
AkaiTankGuard, Crowd control
BaneFighterPush, Burst
AliceMage, TankCharge, Regen
SunFighterPush, Damage
MiyaMarksmanReap, Damage

How Tier List Can Be Beneficial For You?

A tier list helps you filter the strong, mediocre, and weak characters in a game. The tiers in Mobile legends consist of S, A, B, C, D, where the S Tier list consists of the strongest characters in the game and D consists of the weakest heroes. 

Choosing a team wisely can help you to win the game against your opponent and also train the weakest players. The rankings are allotted based on the character’s skills and the efforts it requires to win the game. 

Since the weakest characters require a lot of effort to win the game, they are listed in the lower tiers, and the most substantial characters that require lesser time and energy to win the game are placed at the top in Tier S & A.

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In Context…

We may conclude our Mobile legends tier list with this, which keeps getting revised as the season ends. The last season ended in Sept, and the 22nd season will last for around 90 days.

That means you have enough time in your hands to train the weak characters and push their rankings in the upcoming seasons. So, let’s bid farewell here, and see you again when the next season starts. 

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