Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform?

Monster Hunter World is a fantasy-based game that has been in talks amongst the gaming community since 2018. First released on consoles and later as a PC version, MHW allows 3-player multiple modes to gather your friends and battle mythical beasts. 

The game rose into success with its magnificent graphics, exciting battle play, and various weapons to experiment with. With such good popularity, it is no exception to the question of “Is Monster Hunter World Cross-platform?”

This blog post will answer all the questions related to Monster Hunter World cross-platform gaming so buckle up and read ahead!

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Monster Hunter World: Overview

Monster Hunter World is an adventure RPG game released by Capcom Company in January 2018. Since its release, the game has impressed the audience with excellent graphical images, thrilling gameplay, and an interactive world where you can choose your weapons and characters to fight monsters and beasts.

The game starts with the player taking up a hunter’s role, gathering resources to survive, exploring a massive map provided, and driving off beasts who come to steal their food and livings. 

The significant improvement of the game as compared to its previous franchise was the availability of this game on different platforms like PS4, Xbox, and PC. But, the real question still lies on whether Monster Hunter World enables cross-platform gaming or not.

Without further delay, let’s know all about it!

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Is Monster Hunter World Cross-platform in 2021?

Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter World does not support cross-platform gaming between the devices it is available on. The lack of this essential feature makes the game a poor choice for people wanting to clear certain quests with their friends who may not always hold the same device as the players.

Cross-platforming makes the game more engaging and saves data on any platform enabling more versatility in the adventure aspect of such RPG games. If you are looking to play the game with your friends, you have no option but to have the same device.

Due to the absence of cross-play, data transferring is impossible as well. So you need to repurchase the game on a new device and start afresh because of a lack of cross-progression. 

Does Monster Hunter World support Cross-Platform for PC and Xbox?

No, Monster Hunter World does not support cross-platform between PC and Xbox. It means that you cannot play with friends having consoles if you are a PC gamer. You can only opt for the game’s multiplayer mode if all your friends have the same device as you. 

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Even though the game is quite popular amongst console players and has a good rating on Steam, you cannot play with console users if you are using your PC to play the game due to the absence of cross-platform play. You can either wait for a good update from the company regarding cross-play or try to switch devices to multiplay. 

Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform between PC and PS4?

Sadly, Monster Hunter World does not avail cross-play feature between PC and PS4 consoles.

You can only access the multiplayer mode with other PC players as a PC player, and the same concept applies to PS4 console users. They cannot play the game with other PC gamers. 

Most gamers are still waiting for a proper response from Capcom Company regarding the cross-platform feature between PC and PS4 to make the gaming more interactive and engaging.

Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform for PS4 and Xbox?

Monster Hunter World does not allow cross-platform gameplay for PS4 and Xbox. It puts the game at a significant disadvantage due to the lack of cross-play between the two consoles. 

The most probable reason behind this issue may be the different networks used by both the consoles, as Sony and Microsoft, for their respective gaming devices. Another probability may be to prevent cheating or piracy of the game on such consoles, which is a piece of disappointing news to hear.

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It may be an upsetting piece of information to know that Monster Hunter World does not have a cross-platform feature yet introduced by Capcom. With a game with pleasing graphics and animations, story, and battle, players demand this cross-play feature to be soon released for the game.

One can only wait and enjoy the game in single-player mode or with players having similar devices. We hope this article was worth reading to give you all the details about Monster Hunter World cross-platform gaming! 

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