Is Overwatch Cross-Platform?

Overwatch has been a wildly popular shooting game amongst teenagers that takes standard marks hitting up a wild notch. Set in a dystopian future, a conflict between robots and humans arises. A task force, conveniently named ‘Overwatch,’ is saddled with the responsibility of eradicating these monsters.

And as you try to steal a piece of artifact from the futuristic city of Africa, with a bunch of random players, you can only think, what if I have more options with better players? Can I add players from consoles and PCs? Is Overwatch Cross-Platform? If you, too, are pondering over the same question, then you are at the right place. 

Here are all your questions about Overwatch and cross-platform answered!

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Does Overwatch support cross-platform gaming?

Is Overwatch Cross-Platform?

If you have been an ardent fan of Overwatch, you might already know that it has finally introduced cross-platform gameplay after years of requesting! Without cross-platform, you are usually stuck with a limited pool of players within the same platform. But now, with the recent update, you have almost unlimited choices at your disposal. 

All the supported platforms include:

  • Xbox 
  • PC
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch 

Is cross-platform available in competitive mode?

Unfortunately, as of writing the article, Overwatch does not allow cross-platform gameplay in competitive mode. This implies that the console players have to continue playing against each other, while the PC players have to do the same. 

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This move is owing to any unfair advantage that a PC player might have over a console player. When a PC player ends up in a pool with one or more console players, they are automatically added to the matchmaking pool of PC players, which gives them a particular disadvantage. 

So, until this issue isn’t resolved, you would have to play with the players of the same platform. 

How can you enable cross-platform mode?

So, a million-dollar question – How can we enable Overwatch cross-platform mode on our devices? For doing so, just follow our given instructions.

Create a account:

PC gamers already had to create these accounts, but this is a new step for console gamers. All you are required to do is:

  • Open on your search engine
  • Navigate to the My Account option and click on Create my Account. You will find it in the top right corner of your screen.
  • And your account is created! 

Link your new account

Now once the account is created, you are required to link your existing console account with this freshly created account. For this, you need to:

  • Launch Overwatch on your console
  • You will see a QR code and an alphanumeric code on the console
  • Log in with the new account and open the
  • Now on the pairing page, enter the code that you received to finish the process
  • If you receive a QR code instead, then you will be automatically sent to the pairing page, and an alphanumeric code will be entered.

Cross-play is automatically open on PC and consoles. If the console players want, they can change the settings to turn it off. But despite this, signing up with a account is mandatory. PC players cannot turn off this feature. 

And you are signing up for a treat as well! A golden loot box would be given for absolutely free for any player who signs up with their account before the end of 2021!

Does Overwatch support Cross Progression?

Sadly, Overwatch does not support cross-progression. That means that if you happen to switch over to another platform, you would have to start anew. This includes all your purchases made on the particular platform. 

The developers have expressed their interest in integrating cross progression in the game, but it would probably take some time. Considering the fact that the cross-platform mode is still in Beta mode, and perfecting it would take some time, launch progression would come out after years. 

Cross-platform took around five years to be introduced, so let us not lose our hopes for it just yet!

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