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Paladin was created by Hi-Rez Studio and Evil Mojo Games. Introduced in 2018 the game has been viral since its launch. If you are into Gacha gaming and FPS game in there is no way that you haven’t heard of Paladin. 

It is a free to play Online multiplayer game that is turn-based. The story of the game revolves around a Realm. It is a science fantasy or Sci-Fi game that revolves around a medieval-looking graphic screenplay. The weapons that the enemy ordered the soldiers to use against you are Rifles and shotguns. You play the game with the team of champions. These Champions have special skills according to the class that they belong to. We shall discuss the classes later in the article. 

Champions can be segregated according to their strength. To have a good team of players you need to understand who are the strong ones among them all. To ease up the task we have done the job for you. We have divided the champions in tiers from best to worst. Have a look at the tiers below and find out who is the ideal clear for you. 

Paladin Tier List 

1. S Tier 

The tier stands at the top because of its strength. Champions in the hair are trustworthy and mighty. They are comfortable in all the game modes and have unparalleled skills. With a champion from the S group in your, team you can be sure of victory. Let us have a look at them

FernandoFront Line
BarikFront Line
InaraFront Line
AtlasFront Line
KhanFront Line

2. A Tier 

They are another excellent choice of champions to make from. They stand next to the s group. Strong and sturdy did you can be trusted throughout the journey and can take down any enemy that comes in your way. The champions in the group are:

AshFront Line
TerminusFront Line
MakoaFront Line
Bomb KingDamage

3. B Tier 

The champions from this group are too all-powerful. Not very much but good enough to be used and directed. You can use their potential and put it in the right direction and we are sure that they will be your gems. Let us have a look at the list:

YagorathFront Line
TorvaldFront Line
Sha LinDamage
RaumFront Line

4. C Tier

They may not be the best ones to choose from. they stand below many of them in power and skills. To make them work in the game you have to work a lot on them. Both time investment is needed for working with them. Let’s call them out:

RuckusFront Line

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The Modes Of Paladin Explained 

there are various modes in Paladin. Each one is different and has unique features. To understand the game better let us have a look at each one of them:


It is the fundamental mode of the game. To play the game there must be two teams. Each team consists of five players. Take combat against each other to gain over the central point of the map. Once the point is attained by a specific team, they are to be attacked by the other. While the team in charge of the central point has to defend its flagship on the land. 

Team Deathmatch

The model describes the basic concept of a video game. All you have to do is to delete the enemy. Once removed you win the game. 


The game mode is played on a large map where two teams fight against each other. The teams tend to plan out and combat each other at different stations of the map. When one of the two teams has fallen out the other is said to be the winner. 


The game is played on the lines of Siege. It only levels up the competitiveness. The rule is simple champion chosen cannot be taken away by the other team. Each team gets to the band to Champions which cannot be used by either of them. Later in the game, each team has to choose only one champion that has to take them for the rest of the journey. 

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Best Players In the Paladin 

Now that we know the different champions of the game and the different modes it’s time to find out the best players in each class. Who are the best champions of Paladin? Let us have a look

Frontline Champions 

1. Atlas 

Without any questions ever anyone can state that amongst all the Frontline Champion Atlas is the best. The major strength of Atlas comes from his defensive powers which do not let any balls and done the arena. He also has a skill called the setback which can put the enemy soldiers in a situation too weird to handle. He can also look after the damage control very easily. Hence he is the tank and also an attack at the same time. 

2. Makao

What is the best aspect of a turtle? shell. Makao is no exception. he Shoots the Canon shielding you at the same time. He is known for special power called the shell ability. What it does is to send him directly attacking the enemy. With all the powers together he is a complete package. 

3. Barik

He uses the turrets around the sides to Shield himself. The Shield he creates is the largest of all. However, he doesn’t perform well in the attack. Not bad he is quite a commendable group B champion. 

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Flanker Champion 

1. Koga

If you are looking for energy and great speed then Koga is just for you. The mechanism with which he works grants him special powers and most of them revolve around mobility. The best aspect of him is that he has a special power called AOE.  It is also called the area of effect. The power is a single-use time. If used it can blow off the entire anime team all at once. 

2. Vatu

He is a little different from other flankers. The most famous attribute of lehengas is their speed and mobility. What to gift this aspect to a level up. He doesn’t need speed he walked shadows, today enemy, directly. He not only takes care of single point damage but can handle multiple point damages. He can be called the flank of Lanka’s with all his attributes counting at once. 

3. Vora 

she is one amazing champion of the game. The reason is her self sufficiency. She does not need much help he can handle any Enemy on her own. She too has an area of effect power. Apart from that, she can handle all the damage very well. Even a damaged she can heal herself in no time. She can be called the boss of all the flankers. 


1. Cassie

If you are looking for a champion that is the most compatible then Cassie is for you. Her crossbow effects and peel effects make her one of the best players. On top of her, she uses her utility to get the enemy away. 

2. Bomb king

He is known as the king because he is the king. The reason is his special effect power. Do other players have it but no one can beat him when it comes to the usage of the power. From time to navigating the usage of the Bomb, Bomb King has got all of it under his hands. 

Final Words 

That was our take on the Paladin Tier list. We tried to describe every detail of the game that can be useful for you. From the most to the best of the characters we have everything covered in the article. We hope that you find us of any help. Thank you and Happy gaming! 

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