Is PUBG cross-platform?

Gaming has taken over the majority of the community with its increasing popularity. With the release of PUBG, the craze was quick to spread. Introduced by Bluehole, the game was quick to become the number one battle royale game all across the globe.

With such high popularity, it is relevant for players to ask the question, “Is PUBG cross-platform?” Indeed, with the game present on almost all platforms, cross-platform has become a mandatory feature for sustainable gaming.

This article will talk about the cross-platform feature of PUBG so, let’s dig deeper into this information!

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PUBG- Introduction

PlayersUnknown Battleground is an online multiplayer battle royale game created by Bluehole. It features 100 players being dropped on a big map to collect resources to fight and survive.

The battle royale allows first-person shooting or a third-person view to find weapons and drive around in vehicles. The prime objective is to be the last man or last squad standing. 

The game also houses multiple rewards and daily check-ins along with cool skins for clothes and weapons to upgrade. With ranked games, you can get better and assert dominance in the field!

Now, let us see if the game allows cross-platform or not. 

Does PUBG support cross-platform 2021?

Is PUBG Cross-Platform

PUBG does support cross-platform gaming, but it’s specific to some platforms and devices. The game is made to play with friends and meet new players from various servers, but it does not mean you can have cross-platform gaming from possibly every device.

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PUBG is available on mobile, consoles, and PC platforms, but it only allows cross-play for consoles and mobiles. There is no cross-platform gaming between PC and console or PC and mobile. 

Is PUBG cross-platform for PC and PS4/PS5?

No, PUBG is not cross-platform between PC and PS4/PS5. It means that players using PC to play PUBG cannot queue with PS4/PS5 console players. 

One reason for this incompatibility is the different servers of the game on both platforms, which are controlled separately. It makes the game impossible to be played across these two devices. 

Is PUBG cross-platform between PC and Xbox One?

Sadly no. PUBG does not feature any cross-platform gaming between PC and Xbox One. It means that PC players can only play the battle royale with friends who have a PC, and Xbox players can play the game with their console friends. 

Due to different servers and operators, it makes cross-platform impossible to happen between PC and Xbox One. 

Does PUBG support cross-platform for Android and iOS?

Yes. PUBG supports cross-platform gaming between Android and iOS. It means that android users and iOS users can have a multiplayer game with their friends regardless of the OS of their phone. 

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Cross-platform between Android and iOS has many benefits, which are listed below:

  • You can easily play with your friends regardless of the device you are using.
  • The controls of the game remain precisely the same for every mobile model.
  • With cross-progression, there is no loss of data when you change your phone.
  • With no hardware issues, players can easily enjoy glitch-free gaming sessions on PUBG.

Is PUBG cross-platform for PS4 and Xbox One?

Yes, PUBG is cross-platform for PS4 and Xbox One. It means that either console player can face off against each other in a multiplayer battle royale. This makes the game more enjoyable to play as it allows gamers to queue with their friends who may own a different console. 

There are many benefits of cross-platform for PS4 and Xbox One, which are listed ahead:

  • There is a better and engaging crowd for console gaming.
  • You do not have to have a different console to play the game with your friends. 
  • The matchmaking will be more accessible and quick with a more significant player pool.
  • There are more players in team player modes which makes the gaming experience better.
  • More players allow better mixing of gamers with the same skilled players.

Can there be cross-platform for Mobile and Xbox?

Due to hardware and software technical differences, there is no cross-platform feature for Mobile and Xbox. It means that mobile PUBG players can only play against other mobile players, and Xbox players can only queue with other console players.

The only possibility for console players to play the game with their friends using mobile is to switch to mobile to queue together.

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Is there cross-platform gaming for Mobile and PS4?

No. PUBG does not allow cross-platform gaming between mobile and PS4. It means that mobile players cannot play PUBG against PS4 console players as their devices operate on different servers and networks. 

If you wish to play with your mobile friends, the only option you have is to switch to mobile to have a battle royale experience with your friends. 


PUBG allows cross-platform gaming between different mobiles and the available consoles. It makes gaming more fun and engaging to play with friends, but now we know that the game’s only drawback is the incompatibility of cross-platforming for PC.

Regardless, the game still allows limited cross-play making it a suitable battle royale for players to enjoy and a great mobile game. 

We hope this article clears your doubts of “Is PUBG cross-platform?” and was worth your read!

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