Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform?

Based on the Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting video game that has been a fan favorite ever since its release in 1998. Since the players want to share their love for the game, they have been asking about cross-platform availability. 

Cross-platform playing allows the players to save and transfer their progress between systems without starting from scratch. It also allows people to play together without a benign hundred by the console they use.

In this article, we will go through, in detail, the cross-playing compatibility of Rainbow Six Siege between different gaming consoles.

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An Overview of Rainbow Six Siege

Since its release, Rainbow Six Siege has launched different versions of the game and can now be played on Stadia, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and computers. It was launched by Ubisoft and is essentially a shooting game played in the first person. 

It is loved by users and is given the highest rating available by PEGI. Players are part of a multi-player shooting team and have to navigate different skills such as fighting, making decisions, and team management during the game.

Does Rainbow Six Siege Offer Cross-Platform Support in 2021?

Is Rainbow Six Seige Cross-Platform

The short answer is yes. Rainbow Six Siege does support cross-platform playing. However, cross-platform playing is not compatible between all the gaming systems. In the rest article, we will see the compatibility between systems, two at a time.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support On PS4 and Xbox One

Playstation players will be happy to note that they can play Rainbow Six Siege along with Xbox One users. If you have either PS4 or PS5, you can play with someone who uses an Xbox One system (or vice-versa) without worrying about any technical issues. 

This also has an additional benefit as if there is any update or improvement on any of the systems, and the other two will also improve.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support On PC and Xbox One

Sadly, players of Rainbow Six siege who use an Xbox One cannot play the game with users who use a PC. There are multiple reasons why the company has decided not to enable this feature for these two devices. 

These include the differences that will appear in playing quality; for example, players who use a PC have better accuracy since they use a mouse and keyboard rather than an analog stick. Hence to ensure equality in playing, the two systems have different versions and cannot be played together.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support On PC and PS4

Unfortunately, if you use a PS4 system to play Rainbow Six Siege, you will not be able to play with players who use a PC and vice versa. This is because the PC version and the PlayStation version of the game run through different servers. Hence, cross-playing is not supported to ensure that the game is equal to all regardless of their gaming system.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support On PS4 and PS5

PlayStation users do not have to worry about cross-platform playing anymore. Rainbow Six Siege is compatible with cross-platform play between PS4 and PS5, and users can play the game stress-free regardless of the PlayStation system they use.

Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support On Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Like PlayStation users, those who use either an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X/S system to play Rainbow Six Siege can play together irrespective of their console. This prevents users from spending money trying to buy the latest Xbox version.

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Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Support On PC and Stadia

Yes. Rainbow Six Siege is compatible with cross-platform playing between PC and Stadia, which means if you use a PC to play the game, you can join a friend who uses Stadia and vice-versa.


This article discusses the compatibility of various gaming systems with the cross-platform playing of Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Siege partially supports cross-platform playing. Cross-platform playing is available between PC and Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5, and between PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. On the other hand, cross-platform playing between PC and Xbox One and PC and PS4 is not supported.

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