Is the Rogue Company Game Cross-platform?

The latest game launched by Frist Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios in October 2020 featuring a tactical third-person shooting, Rogue Company, is developed with the action approach and light combat styles for an engaging output. 

The real question lies if Rogue Company is Cross-platform or not. Most players look for this cross-play or cross-save feature in games to continue their game progress and communicate with a more extensive gamer base. 

Let’s dig in deep and know from this post if Rogue Company allows Cross-platform support for different devices!

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Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform in 2021?

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform?

Yes, Rogue Company allows cross-plays on the devices released such as Windows PC, Xbox, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. In this way, the game developers have done an excellent job maintaining cross-play and cross-saves for Rogue Company players.

The developers have introduced the game on Epic store for PC gamers to enjoy it with their console using friends and making it a sustainable game. 

The plus point of cross-play for Rogue Company is that players can easily track their progress and access their data from any device. This also makes multiplayer mode more engaging as the game allows PC players and console players to interact with ease. 

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Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform between PC and PS4?

Fortunately, Rogue Company supports cross-play between Windows PC and PS4 console, making the multiplayer mode more fun and appealing. 

It means that PC players can easily queue with PS4 players without any problems and enjoy the multiplayer mode with their friends and only squads. 

Does Rogue Company support Cross-Platform for PC and Xbox?

Yes, Rogue Company supports cross-platform for PC and Xbox, making multiplayer gaming between the two devices compatible and easy to follow. 

This way, PC players can switch to Xbox console to continue playing the game without losing any of their game data and match other PC and console gamers online for a more prominent gaming interaction. 

Does Rogue Company allow Cross-gaming between Xbox and PS4?

Yes, now you can easily play with your console buddies using a different console than you on Rogue Company. 

Hi-Rez Studios allow the game to be played with and on different platforms regardless of what device you use. Even though both the consoles operate on different networks and use different controllers, the game works on both and allows cross-play without any issue. 

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Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform between Nintendo Switch and PS4/Xbox?

Rogue Company does allow cross-play gaming between Nintendo Switch and PS4/Xbox consoles. This makes the game more versatile in its approach. Supporting different devices allows more players to play the game without worrying about device differences and data loss. 

Does Rogue Company support Cross-platform for Nintendo Switch and PC?

Yes, the game has a cross-play feature between PC and Nintendo Switch. 

It allows Switch players and PC players to queue together for multiplayer modes and enjoy the game with their friends on different platforms. 

How to allow cross-play for Rogue Company?

One can easily access rogue Company’s cross-platform features via the Epic Games store or your Twitch account. 

Follow the guide bellow to enable this feature on your device:

  • Select the device you want to start cross-play for.
  • Log in to your Epic Games account.
  • You will be able to see your account linked to various games.
  • Select the primary account in which the device will store all your game data.

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For Twitch:

  • Click on the + button and select Twitch account.
  • Put in your email ID and enable the Twitch Drop features.
  • Confirm your username, which is listed in the Twitch list.

In this way, you will have successfully enabled cross-platform saves and gaming for your Rogue Company account. 


With more games launched in the market, Cross-platform has become an essential feature for gamers to continue their game progress and queue with friends and gamers all over the community on various platforms.

Rogue Company allowing cross-play makes it a sustainable game for players to enjoy and not be bored. 

We hope this article clarified all the details regarding Rogue Company’s cross-platform feature. Thank you for reading!

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