Is Rust Cross-Platform?

Rust has gained popularity in multiplayer games that incorporate survival and fighting tactics in a single platform.  With its full release in 2018, the game was quickly loved by millions across the globe. 

But with the game’s introduction, many fans were quick to ask whether Rust is cross-platform or not. It is no surprise that cross-platform has been an on-demand feature that makes game developers incorporate it in their games.

In this article, we shall discuss the cross-platform of Rust and all the details regarding this question, so read ahead to know all!

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Rust – Overview

Multiplayer survival games have been popular for a long time, and it is no wonder that with the release of Rust, players get a new experience with it. In this game, you start as a survivor in an apocalyptic world and have to gather materials to build shelter and gather food items. The game also lets you build your survival place and protect it from aggressive players who’d want to destroy your shelter.

The game is available on various platforms like Windows, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. Since the game is online multiplayer, most people want to enjoy this survival horror show with their friends, so the question remains, “Is Rust cross-platform?” 

Let us read ahead about this information!

Is Rust Cross-platform in 2021?

Is Rust Cross-Platform

Yes, Rust allows cross-platform gaming in 2021! The only issue is that this feature is restricted on some devices. Even though Rust allows cross-play for consoles, it does not allow this feature for PC making it difficult for PC gamers to have multiplayer gaming with their console friends. 

Now, let us take a look at the platforms which allow this cross-platform feature for Rust.

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Is Rust Cross-Platform for PC and PS4?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. Rust does not allow cross-platform for PC and PS4. 

It means if you are a PC player, you cannot queue with PS4 players to play the multiplayer mode of Rust. One reason may be the unavailability of cross-play for PC due to differences in-game graphics, production cost, and technical problems PC players and developers face.

Is Rust allowing Cross-Platform for PC and Xbox One?

Sadly, there is no cross-platform feature on PC as discussed above for Rust, so it is technically impossible for PC players to have any kind of cross-platform gaming between PC and consoles. 

It means that a PC player cannot play the multiplayer mode with an Xbox one console player. To achieve the cross-play feature, one has to get a console to enable it for Rust.

Does Rust Support Cross-Play between PS and Xbox?

Yes, Rust allows cross-platform gaming between PS and Xbox. It means that PS players and Xbox players can easily play with each other regardless of the console. 

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Cross-platform comes with many benefits like a more prominent player base and a better multiplayer experience, making the game more engaging and fun. With Rust allowing cross-play for consoles, it brings in more console players to keep the multiplayer survival game ongoing.

Can I cross-play Rust for Xbox One and Xbox X/S?

Yes. Rust allows multiplayer cross-gaming between Xbox One and Xbox X/S series. Since both consoles belong to the same manufacturer, it does not matter which version of Xbox you have; the controls and gaming features remain the same, and you can enjoy the multiplayer mode with your friends having an Xbox X/S or One.

Does Rust allow Cross-Platform for PS4 and PS5?

Yes, Rust allows cross-platform play for PS4 and PS5. 

Since both the consoles are just a different version of each other, the network they operate in and controls remain the same, enabling PS players to have a multiplayer game with their friends having a PS. This has its benefits of saving oneself from multiple purchases of the same game on different platforms.


With cross-play becoming an important feature needed in almost every new game released and in the old games present, it is no wonder developers face a lot of pressure from the gaming community.

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Thankfully, Rust offers some cross-play support regarding console players, but its lack of PC comes with its drawback. Hopefully, Facepunch Studios will soon add cross-play to PC soon. 

We are glad for your time on this blog post about “Is cross-platform available on Rust?”!

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