Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Sea of Thieves is an exploration and adventure game that took the world by surprise when it was released in 2018. Only three years later, it has become one of the best-selling Microsoft games. Though users of the game enjoy it, there has always been a question plaguing them: whether Sea of Thieves supports cross-platform playing. 

Cross-platform support enables the different console owners to play them together, This feature is mostly desired by multiplayer game players, as it is not necessary that their friends have the same console as they do.

So let’s find out whether Sea of thieves supports cross-play or not?

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An Overview of Sea of Thieves

The aim of Sea of Thieves is to become a Pirate Legend. The players have to travel the ocean. They might come across different objects that could help them in their journey, such as buried treasure and shipwrecks containing valuable items. 

On the other hand, they could also face other players they have to fight against to become a Legend. The rewards of a voyage will be split amongst all those you take part in it. The more essential your role, the higher the reward. You also have the choice of not taking part in a voyage.

The game can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and box Series X/S. Since the game is a team (crew) based game and requires multiple people to play together, players have been requesting a cross-platform playing feature. Read on further to see if Sea of thieves supports cross-platform playing and its compatibility between various consoles.

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Does Sea of Thieves Offer Cross-Platform Support in 2021?

Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Luckily for the players of Sea of Thieves, the game supports cross-platform playing. This means players can join their friends and family and players across the globe without worrying about the type of console they use. 

You can build a crew and share a voyage with players regardless of playing through a PC or Xbox. This opens up various benefits for the players of Sea Of Thieves. Payers will have more people to play with as they are not limited to players who use the same gaming mode. 

This allows people who are new to the game to quickly find players who can help them while also adding to the diversity of the players as people from all around the world get to play the game. Moreover, you can save your progress and account benefits and access them regardless of the system you use. 

For example, if a player has a Game Pass member account on their Xbox, they can still take the benefits of the feature when they log in through a PC because the game pass account is linked to their gaming account. Additionally, players do not have to spend money buying new game versions to play with others.

Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform Support On PC and Xbox One

Players who use Xbox One to play Sea of Thieves can play with users who use PC and vice versa. This is because Sea of Thieves supports cross-platform playing. Additionally, any progress you make in the game will be saved regardless of whether you join in from an Xbox One system or a PC.

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Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform Support On Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

If you use an Xbox Series X/S or an Xbox One, you can play with other players who use either of the Xbox systems. Sea Of Thieves supports cross-platform play between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and this means users who use the older version will not have to spend money on buying the new version just to play with friends.

Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform Support On PC and Xbox Series X/S

Users who use a PC or an Xbox Series X/S can be on the same crew and play the game together, irrespective of which gaming system they use. This allows more people to join together in the experience. Players can also be glad that their progress will be saved regardless of which system they use and will not have to start over while changing systems.


This article discusses the cross-platform compatibility of Sea Of Thieves between various platforms. Fortunately for the players of the game, Sea of Thieves supports cross-platform playing. This means that if you have a PC, you can play with those who use an Xbox Series X/s or an Xbox One and vice versa.

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