Smite Tier List 2022: Everything You Need To Know About

Smite is an online game free to play developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. It is available for Microsoft Studios, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo switch. As per the official website, the game has over 30 million players across the world.

Smite is a MOBA, which means multiplayer online battle arena. The player has the third-person perspective for playing the game. The player has a team of God Goddesses or mythological creatures. They have to fight against other creatures and Minions. 

Now for you to choose the best of players for your team is crucial. Though the Gods and Goddesses have their skills, we cannot deny that some are stronger than others. To make an effective team, it would be great if you teach stronger Gods and Goddesses. To make things easier for you, we have drafted a tier list. 

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The tier list has aggravated the Gods and Goddesses as per their strength. We will list them from the strongest to the weakest. Take a look at the list carefully and user information for the betterment of your gameplay. 

Smite Tier List 2021

1. S+ Tier 

The pro Gods and Goddesses reside in this tier. They are super strong and take you to victory with ease. Very very wise and logical to include them in your team as many as possible. The list is given below:

AppoloCerberusSun WukongScyllaGigameshKing ArthurDanzaburouChullain

2. S Tier 

They have the most win rates across all the tiers. With the exceptional loss and matter, they can be your best friend. Hence they are the most loved Gods across all levels. 

AgniChang’eTyrFafnirIzanamiSerquetRavanaNu WaChernobog

3. A Tier 

They are strong but cannot be compared to the S Tier ones. You cannot expect exceptional powers from them but can we are sure of a good game. They might be not very strong, but enough to get added skills and take you to the end of the game. 

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AchillesAo KuangDiscordiaAnubisCamazotz
GebAnubisEsetHorusJing Wei
ThothAh MuzenGaneshPoseidonMerlin
ThorXing TianKaliKukulkanNike

4. B Tier 

The tear forms the boundary line between the best and the worst. The winning and losing chance with the daughter comes in the ratio of 50-50. You can still gamble and go ahead with the tier. Thank. 

Au Puch RamaSkadiChironPele
AmatersauZhong KuiNeithHachimanBaba Yaga
Hun BatzZeusHeraHe BoPele

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5. C Tier 

They come in a below-average category. They cannot be recommended as preferred characters. Nor do they have an exceptional damage rate or a winning ratio that can lure you into taking them in. 

BakasuraDa JiFreyaOlorunNoxKumbhakaranaCharybdis

6. D Tier 

the words category. Try not to include these characters in your team ever. Open your team. They will yield no good for you. Here is the list :

ArachneCabrakanOsirisAnubisAh Muzen

Best Gods and Goddesses Of Smite 

Now that you know the surrogate forms of the characters in Smite, let us have a unique look. Since we cannot write about them all, we have picked the best ones for description. Have a look at what you will get with the best ones, and do not let go of any opportunity of including them in your team. They are:

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King Arthur 

With lots of weapons and attachments, King Arthur is the mighty god of Smite. The enemy will not be spared. Be it, anyone; he can take you down very easily. If you get him weapons like Sundering Axe, Stone of Gaia, etc., you give him immunity from death. He already aces defensive playing with his armour and also is unkillable in combats. No wonder is one of the best players on Smite. 


She is one of the strongest Gods of the game. Her potential for protection is protected by The Eagles Rally also help her target. She skillfully uses her sword and shield to protect herself from snowballs. This gives the opportunity of the Carriers of your team to get as much gold as they can. Hence she not only block the Anime from entering your camp but also provides the backline workers to get as much gold as they can. She makes a Win-Win situation for your team. 

Guan Yu

If you are looking for the best of all the gods in the game, Guan Yu is for you. His cooldown settings can make the CC much better. From CC buffing to damage control and attacking skills, he is just the best. You have the Warrior’s Will, which can decrease the rate of enemy attacks. He is immune to the counter-attack which is given to him by the Talu assault. The cherry on the cake is that he also has hidden powers. The trucks of this god are that he can take down the animals single-handedly. 


On page 2 of Smite Pro League, the god is the most banned one. He wasn’t much known before the season it hence we can say that he was born from his ashes. 

Closing thoughts

that was our take on Smite tier list.  The list will simplify your work on choosing the best of the Gods and Goddesses in your team. The in-depth description of the best players will help you in the game. Use the knowledge gathered in the article above and apply it to action. 

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