Ultimate Guide To Tekken 7 Online Rank List

Tekken 7 has a ranked match system that can be a little confusing for beginners as it is not explained very well. The idea behind the system is fairly simple: your player ranking goes up for winning and it goes down for losing.

You would think that the only thing you need to do is win and your rank will go up while losing will cause it to go down. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

The ranked system actually uses a points system that calculates your score after every match and ranks you accordingly against other players based on your score.

It can be too complicated for a beginner to understand Tekken 7 ranks, but we have created a full-fledged guide on the Tekken 7 ranking system, explaining how the point system works and the journey of beginners to Tekken god prime.

All Tekken 7 Rank

Tekken 7 Online Rank List

Tekken 7 has a total of 46 ranks as of now. All the ranks are grouped into several Tekken tiers, that are:

  1. Beginner: First Kyu through Ninth Kyu.
  2. Dan/Silver: First Dan through Third Dan.
  3. Light Blue: Initiate, Mentor, Expert, Grand Master.
  4. Green: Brawler, Marauder, Fighter, Vanguard.
  5. Yellow: Warrior, Vindicator, Juggernaut, Usurper.
  6. Orange: Vanquisher, Destroyer, Savior, Overlord.
  7. Red: Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku.
  8. Violet/Ruler: Mighty Ruler, Revered Ruler, Divine Ruler, Eternal Ruler.
  9. Blue: Fujin, Raijin, Yaksa, Ryujin.
  10. Purple: Emperor, Tekken King.
  11. Gold: Tekken God, True Tekken God.
  12. Tekken God Prime.

Let’s see what exactly does each Tier signifies.

1. Beginner

The second rank, known as the “kyu,” is where you start your climb to glory with your chosen character. The 9th kyu becomes the first kyu for novices and is likely to face noob opponents.

2. Silver Tier

The silver tier is where you really start to climb the ladder, facing increasingly elite opponents. Not only do players begin using characters that aren’t their mains to win, but experienced players may switch up their main characters to counter their own strategy. If you are a beginner, the silver ranks are definitely where you want to be.

3. Light blue Tier

The light blue ranks in Tekken 7 ranks comprises the four combined ranks of 8th kyu and 7th kyu. Players at this level are beginning to learn the fundamentals and generally lack execution ability. This Tier generally consists of Initiate, Mentor, Expert, and Grand Master.

4. Green Tier

Moving forward to a competitive tier consists of four green ranks, just like the blue Tier. It would be best to start being serious while playing matches in this Tier, as it requires 70 matches to reach the brawler to the vanguard ranking.

Upon achieving all the required rankings in this Tier, you move forward to the yellow Tier, where the difficulty level is a little higher.

5. Yellow Tier

Yellow Tier consists of Warrior, Vindicator, Juggernaut, and Usurper, the ranking system that places you among the top 50% Tekken players upon achieving.

You start mastering your character at this level and learn the moves to knock down the enemies as quickly as possible.

7. Orange Tier

Tekken 7 Ranks are indeed challenging to understand, but not as difficult as winning 200 matches in this Tier to move rankings from vanquisher to overlord. You may feel tired at a point while competing in this Tier but, if you make it to the last, you are no less than a professional player.

8. Red Tier

Red Tier starts off with Genbu ranking, which means you are among the 27.7% Tekken players and will be among 17.39% players as you reach Suzaku ranking. During this Tier, we recommend you to win as many fights as possible and focus on becoming a Tekken god.

9. Violet Tier

Violet Tier in Tekken 7 ranks consists of the land of rulers, the ranks are namely: Mighty Ruler, Revered Ruler, Divine Ruler, Eternal Ruler, who consists of the top 15% players in the Tekken 7 world. If you have reached this Tier, you are just some matches away from becoming a true Tekken god.

Just keep focusing on your rank bar, and win as many fights as you can, and make sure you lose fewer points and gain a lot of them.

10. Blue Tier

Fujin, Raijin, Yaksa, Ryujin are the four Tekken 7 ranks that you should attain in the Blue tier. You have paved your path to the land of gods and spirits, and your moves may knock out even an elite player.

Your starting point of this Tier is Fujin rank and end the Tier with Ryujin rank, leaving all the lower-ranked players stunned in the matches.

11. Purple Tier

This Tier consists of only two Tekken 7 ranks, i.e., Emperor and Tekken king. Reaching this rank, you have come a long way from the kyu ranks and just two ranks away to achieve Tekken god prime rank. Your only goal now is winning matches, so focus on the fights and become a champion.

12. Gold Tier

The gold Tier consists of only two gold ranks, which are Tekken god and true Tekken god. Your opponents will fear matching with you at this stage, and the chances of you ruling the matches are higher than ever.

13. Tekken God Prime

Once you clear the gold Tier, you make your way to the 100th Dan and become the strongest fighter in the game. Only 0.43% of the players can achieve this, and if you do, you are a true gamer.

How Does The System Determine Rankings In Tekken 7

The ranking is allotted based on the points you earn and the points you lose after a match. If your character gets knocked out in a match, you lose points. If you constantly lose fights, your rank gets demoted, but you can always get your ranking back after winning a few matches.

How to Get Higher Tekken 7 Ranks?

There’s no secret formula, or ranking system hacks to rank higher in Tekken. The game is not pay to win based, so everything that happens on the battleground decides your ranking. You can win as many matches as you can and attain points upon winning the matches.

The best you can do is to avoid losing matches at any cost because if you do so, you’ll lose points and may even get demoted.

Understanding the Tekken 7 Ranks Points System

At first, you may feel a little confused about how the point system and the ranking system actually work because the developers have not published any official guide from their end, and it’s all on us to understand the Tekken 7 ranks and the points system.

If you want to see how many points you get after winning a match, focus on your points after winning/losing the match. Moreover, your points also depend on the difficulty level you chose for the fight,

here’s a quick summary of it.

Same rank – 1,900 points – 1,700 points

+/- 1 rank – 1,250 points – 1,150 points

+/- 2 ranks – 800 points – 600 points

+/- 3 ranks – 550 points – 350 points

+/- More than 3 ranks – 50 points – 50 points

The more points you score, the higher Tekken 7 ranks you achieve.

Tekken 7 Ranks for Offline Mode

New players are always advised to start off with the story mode as it helps them get along with the game and understand its points and ranking system. Once you are well versed with the game, head forward to the online version and compete with the players globally.

We suggest you play arcade and treasure battles in the Tekken 7 offline mode as in the offline mode, you start off with the 1st kyu, which eventually gets an upgrade as you win matches.

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We hope this Tekken 7 ranks explanation helps you out in every way possible. Although it can be a little hard to get along with the ranking and competition eligibility system, this guide will clear the confusion you had in your mind.

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