Tekken 7 Tier List: Check out the best characters in the game!

Throughout the world, many people are die-hard fans of the game Tekken 7. Tekken 7, which was first released in March 2015, is a fighting game. It produces and publishes Bandai Namco entertainment. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. If you are a major fan of this game and wonder what the best characters to play the game with are, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list for you. The list is a Tekken 7 tier compilation list of data from the world’s best players.

Tekken has already taken the world by storm with its ever-evolving game strategies and techniques. It has been iconic and, frankly, the best game under the fighting genre. Each character brings something different to the table – their style is always unique. And with such abilities, it is hard to choose which character that you should go for.

Are you tired of losing again and again? Or a new player trying to understand which character will bring you a sure win? The one thing that makes it perfect is how balanced and well-made the characters are. And while ultimately it is your skills that would determine your victory, we can divide the characters that might aid you better. 

Tekken 7 Character Tier List:

The rankings are a list of the world’s best players and pro players. The Tekken 7 tier list, given below, is a representation of the online tournament players are fighting against. So if you don’t get on this list to see your favorite player, then don’t worry, they could go up on another ranking!

A ranking from S-Tier to F-Tier, where S-Tier means The Highest, and F-Tier means The Worst, is the Tekken 7 tier list. We have made a tier list of the characters, from the best with several tournaments under their belt to the ones just starting. Their attributes like move sets, health stats, combos, and strength, too, have helped us in the division. 

Tekken 7 S Tier List (2021)

Now, these are the best and most vital players in the game. The characters under this list have the most powerful moves and the hardest to play against: 

  • Steve– He is probably the strongest player that the game has to offer. His moves and combos- which are easily extendable to various choices – are enough to beat other characters.
  • Fahkumram – This character is known for his strong offensive and defensive moves. He also upgrades himself with electric attacks, which are very effective against other characters.
  • Devil Jin– Jin has a very unorthodox way of fighting that takes some time to get used to. But once you master him, his punches and kicks would defeat just any character. 
  • Julia – Her array of mix-up moves has rightfully earned her place in the top tier. That said, she is also the most demanding player to control. So, if you want to use her right, then get practicing!
  • Marduk – Marduk is an impulsive fighter who rushes in with a flurry of moves and counter-attacks. His actions push the opponent in a corner and pressure them into making mistakes. 
  • Paul – Paul’s devastating punches and fluid movements make him one of the most demanding offensive players to win against. 
  • Geese – Moonslicer, the signature move of Geese, carries him to the top of the tiers. The bridge combos and mix-ups make him a very versatile character. 

Tekken 7 A Tier List (2021)

The Tier A characters are strong as well. They, too, have pretty solid moves and combos and are challenging to beat. They rank above the rest of the characters, and the only tier that they have a hard time against is the S tier. 

  • Jin – Jin is one of the strongest players in the tier with his complete moves package, but he is hard to control and master, especially against better fighters.
  • Bryan– Bryan is a short attack fighter who rarely uses long-distance attacks. If you want to see him at his best, then move closer to the opponent, you will notice a likely increase in his abilities. 
  • Zafina – Zafina is known for her mobility and quick attacks. Her transitions in offensive and solid defensive attacks aid her already quick moves. 
  • Akuma – Burst damages is the go-to attack of Akuma. This damage can have damaging consequences on the opponents, but Akuma can be a risky player. 
  • Bob – Bob is the character that you would want to dish out for a more balanced play. He is good at both offensive and defensive games.
  • Alisa – Alisa is a more offensive player than a defensive one. Her tools, movements, and mix-ups are best suited for a vicious battle and cause problems in other situations. 
  • Leroy – Leroy’s kicks are ruthless, rigid, and very accurate. Combine this with his agility, and you get a solid long-distance fighter. He is a good choice for new gamers, as his moves are limited and easy to control. 
  • Law – Law is another beginner-friendly character whose arsenal of basic kicks and flips makes him easy to understand. However, the more veteran gamers take his abilities beyond the typical moves to make him a more planted character. 
  • Xiaoyu – Xiaoyu comes across as a technical and well-balanced character with her hard strikes and quick evasion tactics. 

Tekken 7 B Tier List (2021)

Tier B characters are easily capable of defeating the lower-tier players. They just face difficulty against the upper tiers.

  • King – King is a unique character with moves exclusive to him. But once the opponent gets used to them, it is hard to continue playing. His style also has holes that make it hard to play against the top tiers.
  • Heihachi – Heihachi can prove to be an excellent offensive player if played by a true gamer. He lays low and hits hard.
  • Miguel– Despite having some of the best punches and mix-ups, the slow movements give Miguel a hard time. He is often at a disadvantage against agile fighters. 
  • Hwoarang – He is a good fighter but controlling him according to the game proves to be complicated. He is comparatively slower than other fighters and has a limited amount of skills. 
  • Kazuya – Kazuya is better suited for players who can use his redundant moves expertly. It takes just a couple of mix-ups to defeat him. 
  • Ganryu – Ganryu is a perfect mix of slow but heavy attacks with a whiff of agility. There is a slow initial learning process, but he is surprisingly an excellent mid-poking fighter once you get used to him.
  • Claudio – Claudio is best known for his movie “Starburst.” He lures his opponents towards himself, and before they can understand, he launches into action. It is a very versatile move that you can use in most situations. 
  • Dragunov – Dragunov is best suited against slow fighters. He comes down at his opponents using a flurry of moves that overwhelm them. And once the opponent gets cornered, he hits them with his combos. 
  • Lee/Violet – In the heat of battle, Lee’s unpredictable moves come in handy, especially against organized fighters. 
  • Kazumi – Kazumi’s moves are almost similar to that of Kazuya. Although what makes her different is her approach to the opponent. But she doesn’t have the damage capability of Kazuya.
  • Asuka – Asuka has easy-to-understand moves that make her an excellent defensive player. However, compared to other players, her damage ceiling is a little low. 
  • Negan – Negan comes out to be a boisterous player with an array of moves. His fighting style also resembles Claudio. 

Tekken 7 C Tier List (2021)

The C-tiers are good enough, but they are more of a liability than an asset. The players can use them in lower-tier matches, but against the higher tiers, they are pretty useless. Most other levels can defeat them, but they are suitable for practicing if you are just starting. Don’t dismiss them just yet!

  • Jack – Jack’s capabilities of defeating opponents depend on how well the player handles them. 
  • Josie – Josie is very agile on her feet and quick to move. But her moves are pretty simple and not too powerful to defeat bigger opponents.
  • Nina – Her speedy attacks and combos irritate the opponents, but they lack hardness, making her beatable. Her moves also require precise execution that takes time to understand. 
  • Shaheen – Shaheen signature moves include counter-attacks and poker, but they are not too powerful to overthrow the opponent. 
  • Leo – Leo holds a specialty in long combos with hard hits. But he has a hard time with players known for evasion as his opening moves are predictable. 
  • Noctis – His defense game is pretty good but not quite at a level to defeat top-notch players. 
  • Feng Wei – Feng owns a wide range of move sets, but none of them are stellar enough to defeat the principal characters. 
  • Lei – Just like Nina, Lei also requires hours to practice to master. He can be lethal, but only if you know how to execute. 
  • Anna – Anna is much easier to master and does good damage. But her moves are pretty predictable. 
  • Lars – Lars has one of the flashiest sets of moves that are very effective. But it is the lack of defensive sets that put him in the lower tier. 
  • Master Raven – Raven has a variety of attacks with agility and teleports. But they are not strong enough to sustain against better opponents. 

Tekken 7 D Tier List (2021)

The D-tier characters have some hidden and unique moves that can give you an advantage during the tournament. However, they are easy to defeat. 

  • Armor King – Playing with Armor King requires a lot of technicalities. He can only move well within a close range, and fighting in that space is brutal.
  • Yoshimitsu – Yoshimitsu’s skills are very chaotic and erratic. Controlling him is no easy task and would take hours to execute his moves properly. But this very reason plays to his disadvantage.
  • Kunimitsu – Kunimitsu is a reasonably new fighter specializing in mix-ups and poker fighting, but they are nothing too impressive.
  • Gigas – Gigas is only good at pressuring opponents and pushing them towards the wall. But if that doesn’t work, he has nothing else in his favor. 
  • Katarina – Katarina’s moves are effortless and straightforward, making her very easy to play with but not effective against other characters. 
  • Eliza – a skilled gamer can play better if they choose Eliza. She has everything that a gamer might need, but she lacks variety in her attacks. 
  • Lili – Lili is a decent character who is better suited for beginners rather than experienced players. 

Tekken 7 E Tier List (2021)

The E-tier characters are the worst in the game and only help beginners familiarise themselves with the mechanics. We would not recommend them for any tournaments or matches. 

  • Eddy – Eddy is a flashy character but has nothing going on besides it. His offensive and defensive are mild enough not even to pressure the opponents. 
  • Lucky Chloe – She has some gimmicky moves under her belt, making her very effective against beginners. But within just a few matches, you’ll start noticing her faults. 
  • Kuma/Panda – Unless you are very desperate, there is no point bringing these characters in. Their offensive moves take hours to master but only manage to deliver subpar blows.

So, Steve is one of the best players, according to the above Tekken 7 tier list, and the weakest players are Asuka and Lucky.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the strongest character in Tekken 7?

Arguably the strongest character in Tekken 7 is Geese. He is a veteran character who got introduced at the beginning of the game. He boasts of some of the deadliest combinations and very few weaknesses. He is straightforward to control, even for beginners. His attacks are very precise, and he can aim with both long and short distances.

2. Is Josie good at Tekken 7?

Josie is our tier-C character with agile moves and quick movements. She is very fast on her feet and can dodge almost all attacks. But all her moves are redundant and straightforward, and the opponent can quickly get used to it. So against tier-A, B, and S, she is a liability. 

3. Who is the weakest character in Tekken 7?

Currently, the weakest character in Tekken 7 is Eddy. He has no offensive or defensive moves, making him practically useless even amongst characters from his tier. 

The Conclusion:

The exclusive Tekken 7 tier list has not been made by many other teams, but they are not disheartened. They could come to the top one day, too, but they have to resolve their few weaknesses. Happy playing anyhow.

And here you have it! These are our tier rankings of the Tekken 7 characters! Each of these characters is there for a reason. Beginning from tier E, you will start growing and familiarising yourself and eventually land characters from tier S.

So, if you are a beginner or a veteran, take a look at the list and decide which character’s skill set suits your level, and get gaming!

For more updates, stay tuned!

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