Is Terraria Cross-Platform?

Terraria is one of the veteran games that got launched back in 2011. However, with its sandbox style of gaming and endless exploration places, it suffices to say that it has managed to keep the gamers on to it. But if you think that the game will involve just digging up resources to build up shelters, then you are in for a surprise. 

You will encounter bosses on the hunt for you and the fires that are out to kill you. If you look away for a minute, then you would already be dead. And if you think it’s just the bosses, then wait until you reach a level where you will encounter monsters. It is enough to say that you will experience the best of this game with your friends. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform

This ever-popular game made it to every platform supported gaming – macOS (OS X), iOS,  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. But do all these platforms get to play together? Is Terraria Cross-Platform?

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Is Terraria Cross-Platform?

The game, although supporting several platforms, does not support cross-play between them. Specific platforms do support cross gaming, but that is primarily due to the same structure. But for different platforms like PC and consoles, supporting cross-platform gaming becomes difficult. 

So, the bottom line is that as of 2021, Terraria does not support cross-platform gaming. The decisiveness of this plan is derived from several factors:

  • The far more developed gaming system of PC puts it way above the systems hosted by mobiles. This discrepancy means that mobile players would suffer a huge disadvantage if the game becomes cross-platform right now. 
  • PS Vista is the oldest version of PS that lacks all the latest models’ new features. Specific features like R/L triggers are very beneficial under Terraria but are amiss in the controller of PS Vista. Hence pitting them against other platform players will be very unfair. 
  • The screens of mobile devices are much smaller than those of PC and consoles. They also find helpful buttons which help make the gameplay faster amiss. And until they invest in some expensive third-party accessory, they will always come below the other players. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform offered under Nintendo Switch and PC?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, considering the popularity of both these platforms. And fans across these would love to play together. But according to the developers, they have no plans to introduce cross-platform games on the Nintendo Switch and PC right now.

This is because of the different environments of each platform. It would probably take years if they were to tweak the codes into making them cross-platform. And this is a time crunch that they cannot afford at the moment. Does Terraria Cross-Platform support Xbox and PC

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Does Terraria Cross-Platform support Xbox and PC?

It is another one of the common questions, and the answer remains the same – no. As of writing this article, Xbox and PC cross-platform remains unsupported by Terraria. So, for the time being, users from these platforms would have to play separately. 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform available between PS4 and Xbox One? 

For these two platforms too, Terraria does not support cross-platform gaming. Besides the differences in the software architecture of these platforms, the platforms’ owners have their own long-standing feud. Microsoft and Sony simply refuse to arrive at a favorable agreement that would ensure that players of their platforms could play together. 

So until the two companies do not cooperate with each other, the players need to stick to the pool of players from the same platform. 

Can you cross-platform Terraria between  IOS and Android?

Yes! These two, i.e., Android and iOS, are among the few platforms supporting cross-platform gaming under Terraria. So, if you and your friends are mobile gamers, then you are free to play together!

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Is Terraria Cross-Platform for PC and PS4?

Again, no. Terraria does not have the system technology to support PC and PS cross-platform gaming. The main reason for this is the promotion of console gaming by Terraria. The game, designed especially for consoles, features special gameplays and options that are unavailable on PC. 

So if they were to play together, the console players would get some unfair advantages. So, the respective players are stuck within the same pool until the PC game gets to the same notch as the console.  

Does Terraria offer a Cross-Platform between Mobile and PC?

Yes. Yet again, they are one of the few platforms that continue to support cross-platform play in Terraria. The platforms included are – Mac OSX, Windows, iOS devices, and Android Tablet. But the only catch is that you need to connect all these devices to the same internet connection. If not, then cross-platform won’t work. 

Are PS4 and PS5 supported under Terraria Cross-Platform?

Terraria supports cross-gen gaming, so yes, you can play PS4 against PS5. 


Cross-platform gaming under Terraria is fairly limited. Especially for the console and PC players, the news is very disheartening as these platforms are still unavailable under Terraria cross-platform. And the chances seem very bleak at the moment. But we are still in the hope that the developers will take up Terraria and make it cross-platform soon!

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