Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

The forest is amongst the well-known and much-loved horror games that the fans have adored for a long time. The survival game includes going through a forest and fighting, eradicating humanoid creatures. It is the show that makes you think twice before taking a step in the forest. You have to struggle every day to keep yourself alive!

And within such horrific conditions, you just want your friend with you to watch your back. Thankfully it has a decent multiplayer mode where you can team up with up to 8 people. But what if your friends own a different platform? This brings us to the question: Is The Forest Cross-Platform? Can you play with your friends on other platforms? 

If you, too, are pondering on this question, we have got you. Read the following subsections to get an answer to your questions!

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The Forest –  Overview

The forest is an open-world game which means that you can roam around. But wandering around won’t be easy as you will encounter huge humanoid enemies that will try to eradicate you. And your worries won’t stop at just that. If you think you have an ally, then think again. Because the players, too, are out to catch you off guard and steal all your possessions. 

You need to survive each day by hunting, gathering, and building up your weapons. As you play, the more the maps get revealed, and you can extend your reach. The single-player mode pits you not against just hostile nature and bloodthirsty creatures but also aggressive humans. 

That is why Forest gamers prefer playing multiplayer mode, as warding off these enemies becomes easier. But being randomly assigned isn’t too fun. Hence the players are hoping that the platform becomes cross-platform soon!

Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

No, the Forest isn’t Cross-Platform. This implies that the game does not allow any sort of platform to interact with each other. The only way to play together is if all your friends own the same gaming platform. Each platform has its own version, which you cannot transfer data to another, nor can the progress be carried over.  

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So, if you want to play together with your friends across Xbox One, PlayStation (PS4, PS5), or Windows devices, then Forest isn’t the best choice. There are many reasons behind this lack of Cross-Platform availability:

  • Incorporating takes a lot of work, with changes in the base code. And since each platform hosts a distinct type of software, it would require a modification for every kind. This is something that the gaming platform can’t afford at the moment. 
  • Another reason for this lack is the fact that the players cannot see game saves across platforms. This implies that if you did something on one platform, the lack of cross-technology wouldn’t let you carry it over. 

Forest Cross-Platform with PC

No, Cross-Platform is not available with PC. This implies that the two versions of the game are currently not compatible with each other. So, if you switch the devices, then you will lose the progress made on the previous. If you want to play the game for your Windows device, you can purchase it from Steam and PlayStation®Store.

Forest Cross-Platform PC and PS4

Unfortunately no. The game, Forest, is not available for cross-platform between PC and PSN, including PS4 and PS5. The main reason behind this is the refusal by Sony to allow cross-platform play. They do not give permissions to the games to incorporate their consoles into cross-play with other consoles. 

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If you own multiple consoles, you would have to make different accounts, as one cannot transfer the data over to the other. And you would have to continue doing this until and unless Sony decides to bring changes in their policies. 

Forest Cross-Platform Xbox and PC

As of 2021, Forest does not have a cross-platform between Xbox and PC. So if you are on your Xbox and your friend on PC, you won’t be able to play. The vice versa case scenario remains the same as well. This means that you would need to buy two separate software if you own both the platforms, as your game progress from one won’t get carried over to the other. 

Forest Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox

Since these two platforms are two of the most famous platforms, the fans are curious whether Forest supports cross-platform between Xbox and PS4. Sadly, no. The next-gen models from both the Xbox series and PlayStation do not support playing Forest together. 

This situation occurs due to the entirely different environment that each console hosts as well the exclusivity issues. So, this means that if you own both these platforms, you would have to make progress in each because data transfer is impossible. 

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With that being said, we hope you have got your answers through this article. For some games, cross-platform is totally impossible, The forest is one of them. But we can still expect the developers to add cross-play features since it is not really possible for everyone to be on the same device.

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