Is Warframe Cross-Platform?

Released back in 2013, Warframe is known for its ever-evolving gameplay and graphics. Their consistent update has created a loyal fan base for them who look forward to their new content. The only aspect that was amiss in this fantastic game was cross-play. It was a bummer for players who wanted to have a gaming session with their friends.

It seems that the gaming company has finally listened to our pleas. In TennoCon 2021, the game’s parent company, Digital Extremes, announced the integration of cross-play. So, there you have it! This is a huge update when you consider the number of years fans have waited for this piece of news.

We have discussed everything you possibly need to know about the update and devices incorporated in the following sections. So read on!

Is Warframe Cross-Platform?

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Warframe Overview

Warframe is an inherently shooting game with a mission to eradicate all their enemies. Set in the future long ahead, the game tells the story of Tenno, a race that was under cryosleep for many years. The players play the part of a member of this race.

Upon waking up from the suspended sleep, they find themselves in a state of war with Grineer, another matriarchal-based race; Corpus, a multi-billionaire company; Infested, the Tech virus victims and Sentients, a replicating machine made by the now-dead race Orokin.  

As part of Tenno, the players find themselves equipped with various machines, ammunition, and abilities to defeat their enemies. It is an open-world game, and one can just travel around based on your choices. It features some fixed story-based levels that the players need to complete in order to progress further. 

It is a strategy-based game that will require you to think about your next step thoroughly. You cannot just jump headstrong into the missions and hope to come alive. The game supports multiplayer gaming, which after the cross-play update, will become even better! 

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Is Warframe Cross-Platform?


Back in 2019, the creative director of the game deemed this plausibility a ‘high-risk task’ that the company could ever take. But Digital Extremes have transcended all the challenges and presented to us Warframe cross-platform. This means that despite having different devices, you and your friends can easily play Warframe together. 

Will Warframe support cross-save?

The answer to this question is yes!

Besides the cross-platform announcement, the company also mentioned the introduction of a cross-save. This implies that any progress made will get saved in the gaming account themselves, regardless of the platform. One can easily swap between the devices and continue to play from where the last checkpoint was. 

This is a massive piece of news for people who tend to change their devices quite frequently. Now they won’t have to worry about having to start anew with every device change!

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When will Warframe Cross-Platform get a release?

The official release date for the new update is unknown as of now. But if we have to speculate, we will put it around the middle of 2022. The official statement entails that the company has gained a strong foothold in figuring out how the cross-play would work. So, they would probably work on retouching the new update and release it within a year. 

Will Warframe Cross-Play support all devices?

Again the official statement did not specifically list any devices. The report noted ‘all the devices.’ So if Sony, the one company that always has trouble letting the PS users team up with Nintendo and Xbox players, agreed to the cross plate, then all the console and PC devices would make it to the list. 

So, it does not matter if you own a Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X/S and your friend owns something else. You can easily whip your device up and connect with them. Once the new update gets released, we will learn the exact process to enable cross-play. 

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Does Warframe support Phone gaming?


This was a piece of surprising news included in the announcement. The company confirmed that the new update would enable the game to work on mobile phones as well. This implies that the new cross-play will be allowed in the new platform. 

The gaming in the mobile would resemble the gaming across PC and consoles. As long as your phone supports high-end gaming, you will be able to experience the same intensity as with the others. 

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