Xbox 360 console tips and tricks

Xbox One X tips and tricks

If you learn more about your favorite Xbox 360 game console, your gaming experience will be even more exciting.

There are a number of tips and tricks that users need to use to ensure that they play safely while operating their consoles. So what are these tips and tricks? Let’s have a look:

Tips & Tricks to get most of your new console

1 – You are a Junky game that cannot think about countless hours with your Xbox game console. While this gadget is pumping up your adrenaline, make sure to shut it down at least every 6 hours to prevent your TV from getting a burned picture. Play safely and shut down the console using the Xbox Dashboard.

2 – So you like rock, uh? Good news for you! Well, now your Xbox 360 can play music too. But don’t expect it to play hard rock numbers as loud as you would expect from an exclusive music system. When you play music in a game, the sound effects can be reduced to a certain extent. You can, however, lower the sound manually via the Xbox Media Player as soon as you have reached the speaker symbol in the instructions. Speaking of music, you should know that this great game console can also save music files by ripping music from a CD. You should be happy that it reads a wide range of discs, including CD-R and CD-RW formatted discs.

3 – Many prefer to play their Xbox 360 wirelessly. If you are one of them, make sure you have charged your batteries to enjoy playing for a long time. After all, no serious player would like to see his controller die before his final boss. Also, if you want to stop worrying about constant battery usage, investing in a Play & Charge Kit is a smart idea.

4 – If playing your Xbox game console gives you a high, offer them a whole new definition with your friends. You would need to replace your hard drive to take it to your friends’ house, be careful while replacing the hard drive on the top of your Xbox 360. Simply click the button on the front of the HD and then gently pull it. To reinsert it, first slide it into the back end and then move it into place until it clicks. While doing all of this, make sure that you are not trying too hard to push something.

5 – It may happen that your friends could disturb you while playing games on your Xbox 360 with a coupe from friends. Get rid of their frequent interruptions by getting the status online with personal options. Depending on what your mood is, you can choose between “Away” or “Busy” or even switch to offline mode.

6 – If you are new to the online gaming world, you may have difficulty understanding the Xbox scoring systems. For example, if you want to change your gamertag, you may have to do so at the expense of a few Microsoft points. For your kind information, an MP or Microsoft Point is the currency used with the Xbox Live marketplace, where you can purchase Microsoft Points in 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000 denominations. Remember that you have to shell out $ 1 per 80 Microsoft points. So make sure you look at the prices and features of game content.

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